The Division 2 update rolls out with patch notes ahead of tomorrow’s launch

Credit: Ubisoft
Credit: Ubisoft /

Those of you with early access to Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 might have noticed an update today when booting up the game. Here are the patch notes.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 officially launches tomorrow, March 15, but those who purchased the Gold or Ultimate Edition of the game have had early access to the game for the past few days.

Having to wait for purchasing the Standard version of the game is an annoyance, but it does have some perks – like the benefit of playing the game after a newly released update that patches some bugs.

Ubisoft rolled out an update for The Division 2 this morning. The update fixes various weapon and mission-related bugs, while also addressing a few PC-specific issues. Many of these fixes were addressed in yesterday’s “State of the Game” broadcast, but in case you missed it, the specific patch notes with every change in today’s update can be found here.

One notable fix is for PC players playing together while connected to the same network. There should no longer be an issue connecting to the game after today’s update. A loot exploit, on all platforms, that involved “repeatedly killing bosses in some Invaded missions,” has also been patched out.

While The Division 2 may not be in the hands of the masses quite yet, the launch has been remarkably stable. Sure, there have been a few audio cuts and graphical glitches here and there, but The Division 2 is largely a polished game. Even the bugs that have arisen since launch have been quickly addressed by Ubisoft, especially in today’s update.

Beyond today’s update, Ubisoft mentioned in the livestream some fixes that are currently in progress. This includes a progression block from World Tier 3 to World Tier 4. Ubisoft recommends either avoiding Strongholds that progress you to the next World Tier with players that are on different World Tiers. Or, you could try this workaround that “might” work:

"Group up with someone that is on the same World Tier and about to progress into the next. Keep in mind, that all in the group also have the correct Gear Score."

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In any case, a fix is in progress, so hopefully, it’ll be patched in soon. There’s also a minor weapon skin bug that is causing the weapon skin attached to a weapon you sell to be lost. Ubisoft recommends using the buy-back weapon feature in-game or contacting Ubi-Support if you lost a skin that you paid money for.

Given that it is launch week, Ubisoft is committed to the overall “health of the game, which includes a focus on fixing any newly discovered bugs before they go full-force into adding new content. That said, assuming nothing major arises, new content is currently on schedule as planned. And, of course, Ubisoft promises plenty of quality of life changes in the future, including the addition of a bald haircut option.

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Overall, my limited time with The Division 2 thus far has been a positive experience. The fact that the game works is refreshing, which speaks volumes to the current state of the industry – especially “games as a service.”

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 launches March 15 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.