Anthem update 1.0.3 out today with full patch notes

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Originally slated to arrive on March 12, BioWare has rolled out the update 1.0.3 for Anthem, introducing some much-needed fixes and improvements for the game.

Anthem‘s first major post-launch update arrives today. Originally scheduled to arrive next week, the update will instead roll out sometime between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. Central Time — so depending on when you’re reading this, it may already be out. Anthem update 1.0.3 contains bug fixes and overall game improvements, some of which BioWare detailed in last week’s live stream.

Most notably, the improvements that BioWare had mentioned are contained in the update, including the removal of respawn restrictions so that you’re not 100 percent reliant on your teammates reviving you. Respawn timers are based on the activity and are as follows:

  • Crit-Path, Agent Missions and other non-end game missions: 10 seconds
  • Strongholds, Legendary Contracts, and other end game missions: 30 seconds
  • Freeplay: Unchanged

While this addresses the problem of having to wait around while waiting for your teammates, I still would’ve liked to see BioWare implement some sort of notification system to at least alert your teammates when someone is down. More often, when I’m playing with friends, it’s not that we don’t want to revive a teammate, it’s that we don’t even realize they are down.

Update 1.0.3 also contains improvements to the loot system. While a previous update addressed the issue with inscriptions on Masterworks, patch 1.0.3 makes it so that Common (white) and Uncommon (green) gear and items will no longer drop for players that are level 30.

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The update makes general stability improvements for all platforms, fixing issues that were causing crashes or connection problems. These issues were probably most prevalent on the PlayStation 4 where in some cases, Anthem was making the actual console shut down. Fixes have also been made that should address the issues causing audio to randomly drop out.

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Beyond these “high level fixes and changes,” update 1.0.3 literally contains hundreds of general fixes and improvements” along with item and Masterwork balance updates, damage and item scaling changes, creature updates and more.

One fix not included in today’s update is the dreaded health bug, which lead producer Ben Irving confirmed is not just a UI bug. He assured the developers are on it, but a fix has not yet been made. Hopefully, they get it out quickly because the bug, which results in players having a tiny bit of health, is incredibly frustrating and makes surviving in the more difficult game modes an unfair challenge.

Some other quick, notable fixes and changes, as listed in the patch notes, include:

  • Players may now launch an expedition from anywhere within the launch bay and Fort Tarsis
  • Balance changes to all variations of Titans
  • Adjusted the damage scaling of secondary damage sources. These now scale with Average Item Power
  • Ultimate ability bar will no longer appear full at the start of a mission when it isn’t actually full

You can read through the full patch notes for Anthem update 1.0.3 over on EA’s support site.

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Anthem has been out for a few weeks now and while the game has shown potential — especially when it comes to its combat mechanics — the overall gameplay experience has been marred by bugs and glitches. Update 1.0.3 is a step in the right direction, but there are still many issues for BioWare to deal with. This may fix a number of actual bugs, but Anthem is still filled with odd design choices and could use an update solely focused on quality-of-life improvements.