Anthem update 1.04 is out now, here’s what’s new

Credit: BioWare
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Anthem’s loot system has been improved with update 1.04, but find out what else has been included with the patch notes.

If you booted up Anthem a little while ago, you might have noticed update 1.04 has gone live. This update contains a few bug fixes, but the main feature is the improvements BioWare has made to the game’s loot system.

Detailed earlier today, the primary focus of update 1.04 is to address issues players have had with Anthem‘s loot – or lack thereof. Those of you who have already reached the max level in Anthem have probably experienced what many consider to be a broken loot system.

The gist of it is Masterwork items dropping too infrequently and when they do, they have inscriptions attached to them that are basically useless. Random rolls are a major part of every shooter-looter, but the fact that Anthem‘s best weapons were so rare made this a frustrating issue. Grinding to get a Masterwork item that contained inscriptions that were essentially useless was infuriating – and BioWare agreed.

Update 1.04 attempts to fix that by making it so inscriptions are appropriate for that specific item. BioWare has improved the inscription table for Masterwork items so all future drops (items obtained prior to the hotfix will still have the same inscriptions) will be useful – either for the weapon itself or your javelin.

Additionally, update 1.04 also reduces the crafting cost of Masterwork items. It now costs 15 Masterwork Embers instead of 25. The number of plants, metal and parts required have also been reduced.

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Missing from the update is another improvement BioWare had promised, removing common and uncommon items as drops for players who are level 30. BioWare says they are still working on that change.

These improvements to Masterwork items were expected with this update. A pleasant surprise, however, is three overall gameplay improvements.

Most notably, the tethering timer for missions has been increased. This should allow you more freedom to explore and search for hidden collectibles before being automatically teleported to your teammates. Prior to this change, it was nearly impossible to separate from your team as the countdown timer kicked off almost instantly.

The other two fixes are as follows:

  • The Swarm Tyrant encounter in the Tyrant Mine Stronghold can no longer be reset by the entire Squad exiting to the main menu and rejoining the session in progress.
  • Players are no longer able to reopen chests that had already been looted in Strongholds.

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Update 1.04 is now live for Anthem, clocking in at around 3.5GB on PlayStation 4.