Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Year One content detailed

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Ubisoft details its post-launch plans for The Division 2, which includes free content for a full year, a Year One Pass and cosmetic microtransactions.

Since Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 was announced last year, Ubisoft has been refreshingly open and up-front about what the highly anticipated sequel will offer at launch and beyond. We’ve known for a while now that the developer has big plans for the game beyond launch day, and that includes an entire year’s worth of content that will be released for free.

The Division 2‘s post-launch content will include a mix of free and optional paid-for content. Ubisoft also detailed the plans for post-launch monetization for The Division 2, which includes microtransactions for cosmetics.

As previously revealed, The Division 2‘s free content will come in the form of episodic releases. A total of three free episodes are planned for the first year, introducing new narrative driven content, areas to explore and world events on the map.

Additionally, three new Specializations will be released over the course of the year for free, upping the total number of endgame playstyle options to six. While Ubisoft did not reveal specifics, the developer did say each new Specialization will feature a “unique signature weapon and skills tree to unlock and master.”

All of this and more was detailed in a newly released trailer dedicated to The Division 2‘s Year One content. This includes our first specific details for the game’s first two episodes, along with details regarding The Division 2‘s Year One Pass.

Now, it would be silly to think that in this day and age of games as a service that The Division 2 wouldn’t come with some sort of in-game monetization system. The hard truth is that you can’t just offer years of free content without a constant revenue stream.

To that end, The Division 2 will have both a Year One Pass, which is essentially a season pass with exclusive content, as well as an in-game Apparel Store.

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Ubisoft fully detailed what’s included with the Year One Pass. Its owners will be getting a one-week early access period on narrative content for each of the Episodes as well as instant access to the Specializations. Those without the Year One Pass will have to unlock these Specializations through gameplay. Additionally, exclusive cosmetic items will be given for each Specialization.

Other Year One Pass content includes exclusive access to eight Classified Assignments, each of which rewards a unique and exclusive backpack trophy, as well as the ability to take on one extra Bounty and one extra Project each week.

The Division 2‘s Year One Pass included with the purchase of the Gold or Ultimate Editions of the game. Alternatively, you can purchase the Year One Pass separately once the game launches.

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That’s not all, though. The Division 2‘s Apparel Store will allow players to directly purchase cosmetic items with Premium Credits (bought with real cash). Shortly after launch, Ubisoft will add the first purchasable Apparel Cache. While playing The Division 2 will unlock cosmetic items organically, the Apparel Cache serves as a way to speed up that process.

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Ubisoft was sure to emphasize that none of the items you can buy with real money will impact gameplay (no weapons, crafting materials or other gear); it will only be for cosmetics.

Ubisoft’s open approach to The Division 2‘s post-launch plans, including microtransactions, has been refreshing. This sort of honesty is exactly how every publisher should approach games as a service.

At the same time, it’s also worth mentioning that all of this DLC is on top of a campaign that is said to last 40 hours. It’s not like previous half-baked games as a service of late – not mentioning any names – that seemingly release with only half of the intended content at launch.

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In any case, Ubisoft has posted an entire FAQ regarding The Division 2‘s post-launch plans and microtransactions, so be sure to check that out. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 launches May 15, 2019, for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.