MLB The Show 19’s new Moments mode brings baseball’s legends to life like never before

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MLB The Show 19’s new mode, Moments, will let you re-live baseball’s rich history and play some what-if scenarios featuring the sport’s greatest legends.

Major League Baseball has an incredibly rich history filled with greatness. The conversation of “greatest of all time” might not be as prominent as other sports, like basketball’s Michael Jordan vs LeBron James comparison, but baseball definitely has a long line of legendary players. And those legends will be on full display in MLB The Show 19.

Nolan Ryan, Babe Ruth, Ken Griffey Jr. are just a few of baseball’s biggest names that come to mind. MLB The Show 19 will bring these players, and tons more, to life in a brand new mode called Moments.

This week, Sony San Diego offered us a more in-depth look at Moments, which recreates some of the sport’s greatest moments spanning from recent history to all way back to the dead-ball era.

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Moments will take players back in time to “relive and replay the biggest games, situations and plays from all eras of baseball history.” Moments will vary in length, spanning from a single-at bat to an entire seven-game playoff series.

It doesn’t stop there, though. MLB The Show 19 will take things a step further, allowing you to play fantasy what-if moments. In these unique scenarios, you can finally answer some of baseball’s most intriguing questions – like what if Ken Griffey Jr. faced off against Chris Sale, or what if Willie Mays, Ted Williams and Christian Yelich all played in the same outfield? You won’t just be re-writing history in Moments, you’ll be creating it.

Moments will also be integrated within Diamond Dynasty. As you progress through Diamond Dynasty, you’ll be able to take your fantasy squad of players and go up against legends of the past and superstar of today. Sony San Diego promises to keep Moments updated and refreshed throughout the year, so it’ll be interesting to see what sort of scenarios become available as the season progresses.

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MLB The Show 19 takes the field on March 26, 2019, exclusively for PlayStation 4.