Epic Games begins teasing Fortnite Season 8

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Epic Games has released two images that tease Season 8 of Fortnite’s battle royale. What could they mean?

Epic Games has officially begun teasing Season 8 of Fortnite’s battle royale mode. As is tradition, the developer has started posted images alongside some mysterious captions. The images, of which there are two so far, appear to allude to a theme that could involve pirates and sea creatures.

On Sunday, Epic posted a single photo of what appeared to be a pirate hook. Alongside the photo was a caption that had mentioned loot and treasures. In context, it strongly suggests pirates are sailing our way.

However, it’s also possible – though maybe a stretch – that the caption is hinting at the possibility Season 8 will see cosmetics from past seasons become available in the season pass. The line, “Loot that has been lost can always be found,” could mean that cosmetics from earlier seasons could be had again, or it could just hint at pirates.

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On Monday, Epic Games released a second teaser – an image of a serpent. The caption warns, “Sssomething shimmers within the cave… But beware of those who arrive on waves.” Again, this furthers the theory that Season 8 will revolve around some sort pirates and the likes sailing towards the island.

Pirate theme aside, there are some theorizing that Season 8 could be the one to finally introduce an AI boss character of some kind. A giant snake – as the pronounced “S” in the word “something” – would seemingly fit the bill perfectly. Perhaps killing the boss in a match could reward the players with some powerful loot.

Certain limited time modes in Fortnite battle royale have introduced AI enemies into the mode, though not to the extreme as a boss. It would be a neat wrinkle into a game that is attempting to do everything to fend off the battle royale clones and other competition. That includes Epic Games even giving away the Season 8 battle pass for free for those who completed a specific set of Challenges towards the end of Season 7.

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There are still a few more days to go until Season 8 arrives. Until then, we can expect some more teasers. Epic typically waits to unveil the theme and the related cosmetics until the start of a new season.