Anthem: How to quickly and easily farm Masterwork Ember

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If you plan on crafting Masterwork rarity weapons and gear in Anthem, you’re going to need Masterwork Ember. Here’s a quick and easy farming guide.

As I previously mentioned, the ability to craft Masterwork weapons and gear is key to your survival in Anthem – especially if you plan on taking on the game’s more difficult challenges and modes. If you’ve read our guide for crafting Masterwork weapons, you already know that one of the key materials you’ll need is Masterwork Ember. And lots of it.

Ember, of course, is a fairly common crafting material in Anthem. It’s the Masterwork rarity, however, that is important and more difficult to farm.

Masterwork Ember is obviously rare, but there are three main ways you can obtain it:

  • Harvest minerals and plants
  • Loot treasure chests
  • Salvage Masterwork equipment

All three options are viable, but the most consistent way you’ll obtain Masterwork Ember is probably through harvesting minerals and plants found in the game world. Of course, there’s a certain element of randomness when farming so you’re going to need patience.

That said, the Anthem community is fantastic and we’ve already got a ton of guides, strategies and viable farming routes to make your life easier. Reddit user Kenithal has put together a wonderful farming route, complete with multiple paths and a breakdown of the percentage rate for which you’ll get Masterwork Embers to drop.

If you’re more of the visual type, he also created a video that walks us through the entire route.

As he briefly explains, you’ll probably want to farm on Grandmaster 3 difficulty. Although it’s not confirmed that a harder difficulty actually results in a better drop percentage for Ember, it would make sense that it does. He also says it “feels” like he finds more, so why not try it? After all, you won’t actually be fighting anything.

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He recommends using the Interceptor Javelin as it’s the fastest of them all and is handy at dodging enemy attacks. On Grandmaster 3, you’re not going to want to bother engaging with any of the enemies, so the Interceptor should help you survive long enough to get to the node and back out.

Once you finish the recommended blue farming path, you can either back out of free play and relaunch or take one of his alternate paths if you don’t feel like sitting through Anthem‘s tedious loading screens.

It’s estimated that you’ll farm three to four Masterwork Embers per 30 nodes which equates to 12-16 total after the harvest bonus. That’s not bad for just five minutes of farming.

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As Anthem ages, it’s likely that freelancers will uncover alternative farming routes that might be more efficient than this one. If you’ve got a strategy or route of your own, let us know in the comments below!