Anthem guide: How to craft Masterwork weapons

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In Anthem, the strongest freelancers wield the best weapons. Follow this guide to learn how to craft Masterwork weapons.

The crafting system in Anthem isn’t nearly as daunting or complicated as it is in some other games. However, it is incredibly important, especially if you hope to take on some of the tougher challenges the game has to offer.

To be the best freelancer you need to wield the best and strongest weapons. That means crafting Masterwork weapons.

While it is possible to play and succeed in Anthem without ever crafting a single weapon, it’s going to make your life a lot more difficult as you’ll have to be incredibly lucky with drops. Crafting allows you a greater opportunity of getting a weapon with the randomized stats that you seek simply because you are giving yourself more chances.

Crafting Masterwork weapons pretty much works the same as any other weapon rarity in the game. Like anything else, it requires patience, a little luck and some grinding for materials. But it’s all worth it in the end as you’ll be able to take on Grandmaster difficulty and beyond.

Step 1: Finding the Masterwork weapon

The very first part of crafting a Masterwork weapon does require a bit of luck, unfortunately. Like crafting any other weapon, you must first be lucky enough to have that weapon drop for you.

There are six Masterwork weapons that drop in the difficulties between Normal and Hard; the rest of the weapons are only found from Grandmaster 1 and above.

Having the Masterwork weapon is only part of the luck you’ll need. You then have to hope it drops with stats you want. If not, it’s time to get a blueprint and begin crafting.

Step 2: Complete the Masterwork challenge

Once your Masterwork weapon drops, you will be given a challenge specific to that weapon. Challenges vary by weapon but usually involve killing Legendary enemies or completing certain Missions or World Events. It’s nothing too difficult but does require a bit of a grind.

You can locate the specific Masterwork challenge in the main menu under the “Challenges” tab.

Once you complete the associated challenge, you’ll receive a blueprint for that specific Masterwork weapon.

Anthem Ancient Ash Titan
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Step 3: Farm the materials (Masterwork Ember)

Once you have the blueprint for your Masterwork weapon, you are free to repeatedly craft the weapon, provided you have the materials. Crafting a Masterwork weapon is very resource intensive and involves the material Masterwork Ember, which can be incredibly difficult (and annoying) to farm.

Masterwork Embers can be obtained in various ways:

  • Salvaging Masterwork weapons (guaranteed Masterwork Ember)
  • Harvesting a node
  • Rewarded from Boss/World Event Chests
  • Defeating Elder Ash Titans
  • Completing Legendary Contracts

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As soon as you have the required materials, you can begin crafting your Masterwork weapon and hope that the Inscriptions have been worth the time it took to craft.

Like I said, crafting a Masterwork weapon isn’t hard, but it can be time-consuming.