Anthem patch 1.03 released as BioWare outlines 90-day roadmap

Credit: Bioware
Credit: Bioware /

Patch 1.03 was released for Anthem today. Check out what was fixed in the massive 10GB update and take a look at the 90-day content roadmap.

Logging into Anthem today, you may have noticed a massive patch today. On PlayStation 4, it weighed in at a hefty 10GB, though that may vary depending on what platform you’re playing on.

So what was included in the patch? Surely, an update of this size contains some pretty big fixes, right? Turns out, patch 1.03, which officially deployed on Saturday, February 23 at around 7:00 a.m. CT, only contained three fixes. According to BioWare’s patch notes, here’s what was fixed:

  • The final boss in the “Return to the Heart of Rage” stronghold and crit path mission will now properly appear if a squad of freelancers wipe before reaching it.
  • HDR on consoles can now be properly turned on.
  • Fixed a number of issues that were causing players to crash.

It may not seem like much, but I’m particularly happy to see BioWare addressing the issues causing the game to crash. Since the game’s release, I’ve already experienced two blue screen crashes on PlayStation 4. This would usually occur after a mission was completed. Without the specifics, I can’t say for certain that the issue has been fixed entirely, but I can say that I did not crash once this morning.

Anthem may not have had the smoothest launch, but it’s nice to see BioWare working hard to resolve the issues. They’ve still got a long way to go, but it’s comforting to see they’ve got teams dedicated around the clock.

It’s worth pointing out that BioWare previously explained that not every issue plaguing the game requires a massive client-side update. Some fixes can be made while the game is live. In fact, there was an entire list of fixes that BioWare applied to game yesterday that you may not have even noticed. In case you missed it, here were some of the issues BioWare was able to address.

Now, remember, Anthem is a live-service so we can expect patches to continue to roll out at a regular pace, containing a mix of much-needed game fixes as well as new content.

Speaking of new content, BioWare shared a 90-day roadmap for Anthem. While we got a preview of the Live Service calendar a few weeks ago, this provides a little more insight into what’s planned for Anthem as well as specifics.

For starters, BioWare is promising recurring updates with “fixes, improvements and optimizations.” We’ll also have a mix of daily, weekly and monthly challenges,  new cosmetics and rewards.

While some in-game events are planned for February, Anthem will truly start to evolve in March. This marks the arrival of Act 01: Echoes of Reality. As previously detailed, Echoes of Reality will be broken up into three major updates and it now appears each update will release over the course of the next three months.

In March, we’re getting the Evolving World update. This will contain Elysian Stronghold Caches, new rewards, Phase I of Legendary Missions and four freeplay events.

April will see the arrival of the Stronger Together update which will feature expanded progression in the form of the Mastery System. New freeplay events and rewards will be added along Phase II of Legendary Missions.

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Of course, as the title of the update suggests, the main focus will be on multiplayer gameplay. A new stronghold, The Sunken, will become available with a weekly stronghold challenge. Social play will also be improved with leaderboards and guilds.

In May, comes The Cataclysm. I don’t exactly know what this entails but it figures to be another major in-game event.

Despite the lack of specifics, a 90-day roadmap is reassuring to see – especially after all of the flack BioWare has received for the issues plaguing Anthem‘s release. While I’m still working on my review of the game, I can safely say that I am enjoying the game overall – despite some issues that I’ve run into. Thankfully, it looks like those issues are being fixed quickly.

Hopefully, BioWare is given a chance to continue to improve upon Anthem and truly turn it into the game fans were hoping for. A lot of its success will be determined based on the entertainment of these post-launch updates.