MLB The Show 19 takes the field with first gameplay trailer

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Get a glimpse of MLB The Show 19’s gameplay in this new trailer which will be expanded upon via livestreams over the next couple of weeks.

MLB The Show 19‘s cover athlete, Bryce Harper, has still yet to sign with a team this offseason but that’s stopping Sony from forging ahead with their reveal of this year’s game. As promised, Sony San Diego offered us our first official look at MLB The Show 19 today in the form of a sexy gameplay trailer.

The trailer teases new features and legends all throughout, but before we get into that, check it out below.

There’s obviously a lot to break down here, even though not all of it is so obvious. Sony San Diego wasn’t completely upfront about all of the new features and changes, opting instead for a slow rollout of information spread out over the course of the next two months.

From now until MLB The Show 19 releases at the end of March, Sony will be hosting livestreams on Twitch that cover a variety of topics ranging the “overhauled defensive intelligence” to “hitting advancements” that “increased the significance of user skill and player tools.”

MLB The Show preview schedule
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As far as today’s trailer is concerned, it’s hard to notice any major graphical improvements. The Show is already a gorgeous game and Sony has put in an incredible amount of work to improve ball physics and player motion over the past few years, so there’s no reason to not expect another visually impressive game.

There seemed to be a large emphasis on Road to the Show, which is essentially an RPG of sorts that sees you create a ballplayer and take them from high school to the minor leagues and eventually “the show.” The reveal schedule teases some new features we can expect to see in this mode, including shots of a bedroom and some sort of weight lifting minigame.

Littered throughout the trailer is gameplay featuring members of the Baseball Hall of Fame, including Ken Griffey Junior, Tony Gwynn and even the great Willie Mays. Legends are nothing new to the franchise, but EA did tease a new mode called “Moments.”

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While we’ll have to wait for the reveal stream on February 28, it seems “Moments” will allow you to play some of baseball’s biggest, well moments. The trailer offers the tagline “relive history,” and actually closes with an in-game recreation of Mays’ iconic over-the-shoulder catch in the 1954 World Series.

A second new mode, “March to October,” is also confirmed from the stream schedule. We don’t have details yet, but it sounds like it could be a rebrand of the old Season mode. We’re shown a brief glimpse of a menu in which all 30 teams are divided into four categories (favorites, contenders, underdogs and longshots).

One thing that’s absent from the trailer and only briefly touched on in the schedule is Franchise mode. There’s only a brief mention of it, suggesting that not much has changed between last year’s game and MLB The Show 19.

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MLB The Show 19 is set to release on March 26, 2019, for PlayStation 4. A “rewind” of today’s gameplay trailer will debut on Thursday, February 7, but keep an eye on Sony San Diego’s schedule of Twitch streams for more details.