Marshmello is throwing a concert in Fortnite’s Pleasant Park this weekend

Epic Games
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Be sure to drop by Pleasant Park in Fortnite on Saturday to catch a live show featuring world-renowned DJ, Marshmello. Complete Showtime Challenges to earn special prizes.

Epic Games is teaming up with one of the music industry’s biggest artists for a special in-game event. Announced today, prolific EDM artist and DJ Marshmello will be putting on a concert within the battle royale game’s Pleasant Park.

Pleasant Park is a suburban town located in the northwest quadrant of the map. It features a large football field and a gazebo with picnic tables, allowing Marshmello to set up shop.

Marshmello, whose real name is Christopher Comstock, actually has the in-game concert listed as an upcoming show on his website. The concert will take place within Fortnite on Saturday, February 2, at 2:00 p.m. ET. Marshmello tweeted about the event as well, calling it a “special event,” so perhaps he created some special music exclusively for Fortnite. Previous data mining from patch v7.20 uncovered a secret Marshmello music video, which will presumably debut with his concert.

Accompanying Marshmello’s appearance is a trio of in-game “Showtime Challenges,” a special set of three in-game challenges that are related to the event. The first challenge is already unlocked and requires you to “Search a Showtime Poster.” Doing so will reward you with a special Marshmello spray.

The remaining two Showtime Challenges remain locked as of this writing, but will presumably become available tomorrow. While we don’t know what they will require, completing them will reward you with a special emote and Marshmello-themed pickaxe.

IGN also makes note of a limited time match called “Party at Pleasant Park.” While not officially revealed, the site says it will enable respawns, “suggesting players will be able to fight each other during the concert.”

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More than likely, however, it seems this feature will be enabled to allow players to enjoy the concert in full without the worry of being killed during it. Such heinous acts have been a source of grief for players during past live-events so this would be a much-welcomed feature.

Marshmello is no stranger to Fortnite, having one last year’s “Fortnite Pro-Am.” Although, it could be argued that the victory had more to do with his teammate, Ninja, who happens to be one of the game’s best players. Either way, the winning team donated the $1 million in winnings to charity.

Special events in Fortnite are nothing new for the battle royale game, which has had a major cultural impact on society. Previous collaborations include Marvel (with the Thanos event), Wreck-it Ralph (an emote) and the NFL (uniform outfits). The Marshmellow event, however, is the first “live” concert to be featured in the game.