Love is in the air with The Sims FreePlay’s Refined Romance update

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The Sims FreePlay’s Refined Romance update has arrived, and with it comes the brand new Sophisticated Socialite Live Event.

The Sims FreePlay is having a classy Valentine’s Day. Electronic Arts released the new Refined Romance update for their long-running Sims mobile game.

“Step up your fashion game and show off your sense of style with a chic new wardrobe at a swanky soiree!” the description teases. Patch notes are light for the update which focuses mostly on new and returning playable events.

Up first is the Sophisticated Socialite Live Event. This 11-day event, which is live as of January 29, is your typical grind fest featuring daily and week-long goals that unlock a variety of prizes. Rewards range from fancy clothes to lavish party decorations to sophisticated decor and furniture.

The final reward is the Suave Socialite, a pack that’s only obtainable if you buy all of the other prize packs within the limited time (simply unlocking them will not unlock this pack). The Suave Socialite includes sophisticated clothing options and hairstyles for both adult male and female Sims, as well as a “fancy fireplace and stylish juice bar.”

Also arriving with the Refined Romance update is the Urban Chic Hobby Event.  We don’t yet have details regarding this particular event except that it’s for the Fashion Designer Hobby. The six-day event will run from February 18 through February 23. Completing this event will reward you with “chic new outfits for your Sims!”

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In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the French Romance live event will return. The 12-day event will begin on Thursday, February 14. Like the Sophisticated Socialite event, this will also require you to grind and collect crafting items to unlock housing decorations and Valentine-themed decorations.

Also returning with this update will be the Ice Castle Seasonal Quest, a 12-day event running from February 27 through March 10. And finally, the Fashion Designer Hobby Event, Long Hair v1, will return for seven days from March 3 through March 9.

In addition to all of these returning quests and events, the update overhauls the design of the Online Store. Among the new features is the ability to view items in full 3D, 360-degree view. This quality of life improvement is great for getting a better idea of what furniture and Home Store items look like without having to buy them straight out.

The Sims FreePlay‘s Refined Romance update is now live and can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.