Clash Royale’s January update brings Trade improvements, a new Arena, Card and two modes

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The January update for Clash Royale brings some major improvements to the Trade system while also introducing the new “Spooky Town” Arena and more! Check out the full patch notes below.

With today’s maintenance, Supercell unleashed the January update for Clash Royale. This month’s update is quite a hefty one, introducing a new Arena, card and two game modes. Not all of these are actually in the game as of today, as some of the new content will be arriving in February.

Kicking things off, as of today we have a new Arena, dubbed “Spooky Town.”  The new Arena will unlock at 3600 Trophies, while the Legendary Arena has moved to 4,000 Trophies.

Supercell has also readjusted the Trophy counts of all Arenas so that they “open cleanly at 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 and are spread out evenly between those.” Additionally, chests rewarded at 4,000 Trophies and above “will now contain more cards and Gold.”

This change in Trophy counts also means a change in card unlocks throughout the Arenas. Supercell has reshuffled “several” card unlocks and attached them to different Arenas, so it’s possible that you may have access to new cards that you didn’t have available before.

For cards that have been moved to higher Arenas, not only will keep any that you’ve already unlocked, but these cards will continue to appear in your chests regardless of which Arena level you’re at.

Perhaps the biggest change in today’s update is to the much-maligned trading system. In an attempt to make it easier for trades to go through seamlessly across time zones, Supercell is making it so that you can select up to four cards that you are willing to trade away. From there, the person who accepts the trade can choose which card they want; they get that card and you get your card.

“This allows you to negotiate a little bit across time zones,” Supercell explained. “I’ll say, ‘I’ll give you Golem, Pekka, Poison, whatever, and let them choose.”

Today’s update also introduces a new mode, Mini Collection, which is designed to appeal to fans of deck building. Inspired by deck building for Clan Wars, Mini Collection gives you 40 cards that you must build a deck from.  The Mini Collection game mode is featured in the Spooky Town Tournament, which is now live.

That’s all for January, but the update also includes content that will go live in February. Ths includes the new Wall Breaker card and the Year of the Hog game mode.

Year of the Hogs will celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. In this special mode, Royal Hogs will continuously spawn for both you and your opponent every twelve seconds. As the game progresses, your elixir will ramp up, as will the amount of Royal Hogs that spawn for each player. You can check out gameplay of Year of the Hogs here.

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This new mode will also come with the Year of the Hog Challenge, a nine-win challenge that rewards you with Gold as a reward for each victory.

And finally, also arriving in February is the new Wall Breaker unit. Brought over from Clash of Clans, Wall Breakers function quite similarly in Clash Royale. Once placed, they charge towards the opponents’ towers and blow up, causing significant damage but dying in the process. Gameplay and tips for using the Wall Breaker can be seen here.

That’s all for now. I have to say, the improvements to the trade system are undoubtedly the most exciting as that has been the biggest complaint from the community. Let us know what you think of today’s update in the comments below!