The story so far: Kingdom Hearts 3’s Memory Archive will get you all caught up with the Dark Seeker Saga

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Ahead of Kingdom Hearts 3’s release this week, Square Enix has released a Memory Archive of videos to get you all caught up on the story of the Dark Seeker Saga.

Kingdom Hearts is a story that’s nearly two decades in the making. In 2002, Square Enix introduced us to Sora, who along with Donald and Goofy embarked on a journey that eventually spawned one of the greatest video game franchises ever. And in just a few days, this journey will presumably draw to a close as Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to finally conclude the Dark Seeker Saga.

Of course, following our beloved trio on this journey hasn’t always been easy for the consumer. The series consists of over eleven games, all incredibly pertinent to the story. What’s more, not every game released was in chronological order, making the story even more difficult to follow.

On top of that, the games were released on different platforms. While the core console entries (Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2) were exclusive to PlayStation, the series has seen games released on Game Boy Advance (Chain of Memories, 2004), Nintendo DS (358/2 Days, 2009), PlayStation Portable (Birth by Sleep, 2010), Nintendo 3DS (Dream Drop Distance, 2012) and various other platforms.

The point is, the story of Kingdom Hearts is incredibly complex and extremely difficult to follow if you haven’t played each installment on all the different platforms. Heck, even if you did manage to follow along, you might still be confused.

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Although Square Enix has attempted to make the franchise easier to by bundling these different games into compilations such as Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 HD ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Progue, this didn’t completely solve the problem as these collections were only available on PlayStation 4.

These re-releases and remakes didn’t help those who have only owned an Xbox through the years. This is especially problematic considering Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Given the hype surrounding the upcoming game, it’s understandable why Xbox owners would want to jump into this amazing journey; but, there’s no doubt they will be lost in the convoluted storyline that is the Dark Seeker Saga.

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In an effort to address this problem, Square Enix has put together a Memory Archive. This series provides a concise overview of the story thus far, familiarizing newcomers with the numerous characters and various concepts, such the heartless, darkness and Nobodies. The episodes are organized in the chronological story order, focusing on the important main events that have unfolded.

For those who have played each game in the series up until now, the Memory Archive will serve as a nice refresher course ahead of Kingdom Hearts 3. If you’re completely new to the story and plan on jumping right in with Kingdom Hearts 3, well, you may want to pull up a few additional sources to get a full understanding of what Kingdom Hearts is all about.

Still, it’s a nice attempt by Square Enix to get everyone up to speed ahead of Kingdom Hearts 3‘s release next week. The first episode in the Kingdom Hearts 3 Memory Archive can be seen below. You can find the remaining four episodes over on the game’s official YouTube channel.

Kingdom Hearts 3 releases on Tuesday, January 29, 2019, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Do you plan on diving into the game as a newcomers?