The Division 2’s post-launch content will offer something for everyone

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We already know The Division 2 will get a full year of post-launch content, but what else does Ubisoft have planned for players?

Tom Clancy’s The Division has come a long way since the franchise was introduced to us in 2016. While the game sold well and received generally favorable reviews, it was far from a perfect experience.

As is the case with most developers when they attempt to create “games as a service,” the folks over at Ubisoft learned a lot in their first go at it. To the developer’s credit, they stuck with The Division long after its launch, releasing new content and constantly reiterating on the game’s systems.

By the end (or at least currently), The Division became a pretty stellar experience and that’s part of the reason why so many are looking forward to its sequel, which releases in less than two months.

This time around, the developers at Ubisoft Massive and Red Storm Entertainment have a better idea of what to expect and their goals for the game at launch and beyond. They have a much clearer vision on what they want to deliver post-launch.

Basically, they are attacking The Division 2 head-on with a strategy that’s flexible. In various interviews across the web, developers at Red Storm Entertainment talks a bit about The Division 2‘s post-launch plans. While no specifics were revealed, they promised they will be listening to player feedback and reacting accordingly.

Terry Spier, creative director at Red Storm Entertainment (via DualShockers) offered:

"We’re gonna pay attention, and we have plans in place, and then we have resources allocated to maybe things we didn’t plan for based on feedback, so we can all push forward together and be happy.We spent two-something years, and I don’t know how many years in post-launch, changing [Tom Clancy’s The Division], improving the game, adding more and more to the game. It was very rewarding to be able to do that, to be able to stand in front of players and say, “that thing you wanted? We got you.” We want to do that again because it was really fun."

We already knew The Division 2 will be getting a year’s worth of content for free. This will come in the form of three “Episode” releases that will launch around three-months apart and bring new story expansions, areas to explore and world events on the map.

Spier was asked if any of their post-launch plans include additional raids (The Division 2 will introduce an eight-player raid), to which he vaguely responded: “Maybe. I know I would like to see it, and there are a lot of stakeholders including the community, so we’ll see what takes hold.”

Tony Sturtzel, a senior producer at Red Storm Entertainment, offered a bit more details regarding future plans for the game. He promised Ubisoft will expand upon The Division 2‘s multiplayer experience, which currently offers the Dark Zone and two traditional multiplayer modes (Skirmish and Domination). He said (via The Koalition):

"There definitely will be more modes added as free post-launch content. Our current goal is to ship this game with a few maps uniquely built for the best PvP experiences. Our decision to create from an endgame-first mentality means that fans can expect more content drops in the future after completing the campaign. Additional story-driven missions and map expansions will also be free as our ongoing commitment to keep our dedicated community energized and playing."

Keep in mind, all of this add-on content will be on top of a 40-hour campaign, a robust end-game and a slew of multiplayer activities. It’s all part of Ubisoft’s mission to deliver a game that appeals to everyone.

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If you’re an RPG fan, The Division 2 fits the bill. If you prefer a more traditional campaign (either solo or co-op), The Division 2 will launch with a 40-hour story that will be expanded upon with free DLC. Or maybe you prefer the unpredictable nature of multiplayer; well, The Division 2 will have the always-intense Dark Zone (of which there are three distinct zones now) as well as more traditional multiplayer modes.

Going back to Terry Spier from the DualShockers interview, the creative director reiterated that they are providing “a service” to players. “We want to continue to push and we want to continue to evolve the game,” he said, adding: “…we have committed ourselves as a development studio and with the other development studios that we are still here. We’re not going to just take a vacation.”

The Division 2 is set to launch on March 15, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. A Private Beta is scheduled to run from Thursday, February 7 through Sunday, February 10, with those who pre-order the game guaranteed access.