To Zanarkand: Final Fantasy X and XII coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One in April

Square Enix
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Xbox One and Nintendo Switch fans get a chance to play some of the best RPGs of the PlayStation 2 era when Final Fantasy X, X-2 and Final Fantasy XII come to both systems this April.

Final Fantasy is such a long-running franchise spread across multiple platforms and generations of consoles that it’s pretty much impossible to have them all on one system. That dream gets a lot closer than it’s ever been in 2019.

This year, most of the post-16-bit era core games in the series are coming to modern platforms. Some have yet to be available on a current console and none have been available on a non-Sony platform. That changes starting this April.

As Square Enix put out a press release plugging the release of Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac age for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on April 16 and April 30 respectively. If for some reason you weren’t aware, these versions of these games have already been available for quite some time on PlayStation 4.

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Final Fantasy X, bad laughing scene aside, is regarded as a classic entry in the series for many good reasons – from its music and at the time stellar graphics to the clever sphere grid used for developing characters.

Final Fantasy X-2 received some flack for being a frilly, much-less-serious follow-up (also one of the rare games that received a follow-up in the series); but, it’s a fun game with it’s “dress sphere” system being an incredibly cool thing that should have shown up in more titles.

Final Fantasy XII was certainly divisive at the time of release as it played a little more like an MMO with real-time combat, cooldowns and more directing character actions in advance than performing an action from one turn to the next. Still, it remains one of my top games in the series.

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It should be noted these aren’t straightforward ports of the originals. They are the fully fleshed out remasters of the games that came out previously, so you’ll get various improvements on each game including an HD facelift, a remastered soundtrack, improved framerates, etc.

Final Fantasy VII and IX are also due out for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One sometime later this yearNintendo Switch and Xbox One fans are due for a lot of Final Fantasy love in 2019.