FOV slider, push-to-talk and more coming soon to Fallout 76

Credit: Bethesda
Credit: Bethesda /

Bethesda announced that Fallout 76 will undergo some cosmetic and other changes in future updates to hopefully bring some stress relief to its gamers.

A video game in its online infancy, Fallout 76 and its development team heard a lot of watercooler chit chat from those that have persisted through the game’s bumps and bruises. As a result of the talk, Bethesda Game Studios plans to address some of the game’s biggest flaws, such as upping the current stash limit of 400.

At the top of the complaint is the FOV slider, which Bethesda didn’t want in the first place. Unlike Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, where a FOV slider was a foreign and often-avoided term, Fallout 76 will (eventually) adopt one. After all, not having one is a nuisance since most computer monitors accommodate a very small percentage of a full circle’s field-of-view. To further combat this, FO76 will also start supporting an aspect ratio of 21:9 for PC.

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Another aspect of the game that triggered players is the option of in-game chat. Like the FOV slider, push-to-talk wasn’t a part of the beta. As Bethesda hints, it’s in the process of being implemented into Fallout 76; it’s just a matter of when, though the studio expects it to happen before the start of next year.

Over time, Fallout 76 might want to address another issue, which concerns non-player characters, or NPCs. Other than the occasional static cadence of the Overseer on comms, relaying quest after quest, and vintage tunes on the radio, FO76 relies on ghouls and mole rats to interact with the players, unless engaged in PvP. With that said, the game’s Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, or VATS, needs a separate patch of its own. The fractional delay is comical at first, but the humor gives way to confusion, as demonstrated here.

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Though the Fallout series is mostly catered to consoles, the transition of entering the PC gaming stratosphere is a challenge with an even more challenging and vocal community. Through the likes of Reddit posts and Twitch streams, voices were heard, so Bethesda hopes it’s doing the right thing by tweaking its history.

November 19 is the target date for the next wave of crucial – and possibly game-changing – fixes for FO76. The headache of shuffling camps around as they bobble to-and-fro against the unforgiving terrain may go away, while a friendlier user interface hopefully greets you with a warm hello the next time you’re browsing your Pip Boy.