Tetzimoc Primal Death, preying on all those who attempt to cross him


Tetzimoc Primal Death can be considered almost a perfect card by many standards. A powerful creature with a built-in kill spell, amazing.

Reviewing Tetzimoc Primal Death from Rivals of Ixalan will be huge. Not many cards cross our paths that can be utilized immensely in multiple formats. Tetzimoc Primal Death is one of those cards.

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With Rivals of Ixalan having been released last month, players have had time to playtest new cards and find out what they like. This card, after this review, will be added to your list if it isn’t already there.

This card is a perfect description of how black operates and interacts with the board. Tetzimoc Primal Death has an ability that allows you to destroy a creature or creatures your opponent controls whenever you cast it.

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Now for the format, this card fits best in is probably only going to be constructed formats. This is because to utilize this card to its fullest it needs to be in your hand, which in EDH your commander doesn’t start out in your hand. Now if it wasn’t your commander that would be a different situation.

Once this card is in your hand, you get to pay one black, reveal it, and then put a prey counter on a target creature. Once you then summon Tetzimoc, you destroy all creatures that had prey counters on them. You also can do it more than once each turn; the card doesn’t state you can only do it once each turn.

The ability to cheaply destroy creatures, while also dropping a 6/6 with deathtouch is huge. Also, it would be in your best interest to make this the highest casting card in your deck. You will even be able to keep your opponent at bay from summoning his or her bomb rare they have. They aren’t going to want to cast it, have you put a prey counter on it, then kill it.

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Be on the lookout for this card during sealed and draft events at your local game store.  I would windmill slam this card for my pack one pick one!

Do you thin Tetzimoc Primal Death is a card worth putting in a Standard deck in the Magic the Gathering Pro Tour? or will this be a card used only in EDH and friendly games? Leave your thoughts here on our Facebook page!