Nezahal Primal Tide washes away all of its opponents.


Nezahal Primal Tide is washing away all the opposition. Being hard to kill and a huge threat makes this a card worth having.

Nezahal Primal Tide is the blue Elder Dinosaur from Rivals of Ixalan. This card is amazing, it has many good things going for it. We will get into its abilities in this post to show you why this is such a good card to have.

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The Elder Dinosaurs released in Rivals of Ixalan have continued to shake up the scene with their powerful abilities and having a huge on the board presence.

Evasive, annoying, and brutal. Three words that describe how playing against the color blue is like, and Nezahal Primal Tide is no different.

Blue here is continuing to enjoy messing with your opponent like it always had. Nezahal, Primal Tide comes in at a 7/7 for seven mana, but the first bit of good news is it can’t be countered.

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Nezahal Primal Tide has two more abilities that help it remain a constant threat on the battlefield. First one is, every time your opponent casts a noncreature spell you draw a card. This will help since this cards second ability states you have no maximum hand size, allowing you to have a lot of draw spells in your deck to utilize the ability to have no maximum hand size.

For every time your opponent tries to kill a creature you control or use a combat trick on theirs, you get a card.  This will allow you to sift through your deck faster and get to all the good cards even faster than usual.

Its next ability is even better, you have the opportunity to save this creature from being destroyed, all you have to do is discard three cards and exile it, and you return it to the battlefield under your control at the beginning of the next end step. So enter the battlefield triggers are great to go alongside this card.

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This saves it from kill spells and allows you to get rid of cards you don’t need or can’t use at that given time. All the abilities on this card are good, and I see no downside to it.

What are your thoughts on Nezahal Primal Tide? Can this card break onto the Magic the Gathering Pro Tour scene in the Blue Black control deck? Or will it stay back in the shadows?  Leave your thoughts on our Facebook page here!