For The Love Of Arceus, Don’t Transfer Missingno To Pokemon Bank

Credit: Game Freak
Credit: Game Freak /

In case it wasn’t obvious by the mess of pixels and the fact that it’s called a glitch, you’re not supposed to do put Missingno in Pokemon Bank.

Is it just curiosity? Because we have the internet for that now, where there are plenty of people who have tried putting Missingno in Pokemon Bank to see the results. Otherwise, why would anyone ever do this? If you’ve gone out of your way to actually capture a Missingno for whatever reason, you know how jankity it can make your copy of Pokemon Red and Blue. Just because Game Freak thought it was funny to leave that in for the Virtual Console title doesn’t mean you should be totally crazy.

So, for the curious, IGN covered what goes down when you bring Missingno over through the new Poke Transporter option in Pokemon Bank. To start, you need a Missingno. If you’re not sure how to obtain one by now I’ll be astonished, but the glitch Pokemon can be found through some fairly easy steps in Red, Blue, or Yellow:

  1. Talk to the man in Viridian City who teaches you how to catch Pokemon.
  2. Without speaking to anyone else or battling anyone, fly to Cinnabar Island and Surf up and down the coast on the right hand side of the island.
  3. You’ll encounter some pretty broken high level Pokemon, and possibly a pile of pixelated glitch mess named Missingno.

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Capturing or encountering a Missingno can mess up your game pretty bad, though it’s also fun to experiment with for things like an infinite item bug. Anyway, if you do capture one, you can attempt to transfer it to Pokemon Bank, but if you do, it doesn’t work too well. Instead of getting a glitch Pokemon on a 3DS game, Missingno disappears entirely, and all the other Pokemon in the transport box have their names moved over by one. So if you have a Missingno, a Tangela, and a Pikachu in the transfer box, then the Tangela will be renamed Missingno, the Pikachu will be renamed Tangela…and that’s it.

Mainly, I don’t recommend this because while it seems benign right now, sending glitches to other 3DS games just sounds like a great way to royally mess up perfectly good video games, especially ones with online features. So now that you know what happens, maybe consider not doing this. There are plenty of other fun glitches to mess around with in Red, Blue, and Yellow without mucking up Sun and Moon, too.