40 Best iOS Games Of All Time

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1. Bastion

Release date: August 30, 2012

Developer: Supergiant Games

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Not every fantastic game needs to be revolutionary. I’d argue that Bastion doesn’t shatter any conventions about what’s possible with video games in general or iOS games in particular, and there are certainly many other action RPGs you can play on mobile. There just aren’t any others that get this many things right.

This is simply a gaming experience that hits on all cylinders. The visuals are both gorgeous and creative, bringing to life the most vibrant post-apocalyptic world you’re likely to find anywhere. It’s a literally fractured world, but one that also floats in the sky. The story is an interesting one, with some twists and an ending you probably won’t see coming.

Just as crucially, the gameplay mechanics feel just right. The controls work well, which isn’t a given, considering the way other promising action RPGs have faltered in this area and the fact that Bastion was developed for other platforms at the same time. Given the challenges the devs set for themselves with the isometric view, they succeeded almost flawlessly.

So maybe that’s the formula to making one of the best iOS game ever. Make it pretty, engrossing and fun. Simple, right? When you play Bastion, you’ll think it is.

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