Fallout Shelter: How To Get More Dwellers


Early on in a new game of Fallout Shelter, it’s not hard to find more people willing to come and live inside your Vault. Beats living out in the Wasteland and taking your chances against all kinds of irradiated horrors, after all.

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Once you’ve got your underground civilization established, though, the random survivors who show up at your Vault Door start to slow down. A lot. You can’t depend on people just stumbling upon your Vault, so you’ll need to take matters into your own hands.

There are three ways to get more Dwellers, and we’ve got the scoop on all of them:

  • Make more — the old-fashioned way! Yes, the primary way of increasing your population is just to pair off a man and a woman in Living Quarters. Eventually, they’ll head to the back for some … um, “alone time,” and when they emerge, the woman will be pregnant. The pregnant Dweller will eventually give birth to a child you can name yourself, and while children don’t do anything but wander around the Vault, they will grow to become adult Dwellers in time. One big tip: couples with high Charisma will do the deed sooner. Also, you can’t get parents to hook up with their own kids; they’ll simply hang out with each other in the Living Quarters. It may be a post-apocalypse situation, but incest is very happily still off the table.
  • Get yourself a Lunchbox. Many wonderful things can be found in Lunchboxes, including weapons, outfits and stockpiles of resources. Perhaps the most helpful, though, are the cards that give you a brand new Dweller. It’s sort of a bad news, good news situation as not every Lunchbox has a Dweller, but when you find one, it’s almost always one with great stats and a weapon, outfit or both. Some are even familiar characters from previous Fallout games.
  • Start broadcasting with the Radio Studio. It makes sense; no one out in the Wasteland knows your Vault is there unless you tell them. The Radio Studio costs 600 Caps to build and will give you a countdown timer to let you know the next time it might attract a Dweller to your door. Putting Dwellers with high Charisma ratings in the Radio Studio decreases the timer, and upgrading (which is expensive, starting at 1500 Caps) increases the chances that a Dweller will arrive when the timer gets to zero.

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