Fallout Shelter: How To Survive Raiders


If there’s anything you learn early on playing Fallout Shelter, it’s that while the world outside your Vault might be an irradiated Wasteland, it doesn’t mean you are alone. Far from it, in fact.

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No matter how well you have things humming along in your little underground society, survivors from the outside world are going to pay you a visit. They’re called raiders, and they arrive when you least suspect it, stealing your resources and damaging or even killing your Dwellers.

There’s nothing you can do to prevent raiders from arriving to take a look inside your Vault, but you can plan your defenses to minimize the damage they do. Here are a few tips on how to fight off and survive raiders.

  • Arm the Dwellers closest to the Vault door. Raiders start from the top floor and work their way down when they attack. For that reason, it’s best to distribute weapons from the top down once you acquire some. You’ll still want a few guns in the hands of people further underground to battle Radroach infestations, but if the folks up top have firepower, they might be able to stop the raiders before they penetrate deeper into your Vault.
  • Drag armed Dwellers to where the fighting is taking place. Remember how I said you might have to leave some guns on lower floors? That doesn’t mean those Dwellers have to simply wait to be attacked. You can tap, hold and drag Dwellers to any room with raiders in it; they’ll head up to fight and return to their work assignments when the battle is complete.
  • Make deserters keep fighting. A common complaint among Fallout Shelter players is that their Dwellers will run away from the raiders. It happens, even to those who are well armed. That doesn’t mean you have to accept it though. Keep dragging Dellers to where the fighting is taking place and you’ll be able to “persuade” them to contribute something to the battle, even if they end up fleeing again.
  • Heal injured Dwellers while engaged with the raiders. Even in the heat of battle, you can tap on any Dweller and administer a Stimpak just by tapping on the icon. Your guy with the plasma pistol might be bearing the brunt of the combat, but he can be healed on the fly to stay in there.
  • Reinforce your Vault Door. It’s not obvious right away, but the Vault Door can be upgraded three times for increasing numbers of Caps just like any other room. Each upgrade gives the Vault Door more hit points, meaning it will take longer for raiders to get inside in the first place. In the meantime, you can even drag armed Dwellers to the Vault Door so you can give the raiders an unwelcome surprise as soon as they gain access.

One final note: raiders get better weapons as the game progresses just like your Dwellers do. Don’t expect them to come at you with swords after your Vault has been around for a while. Be advised and plan accordingly.

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