Fallout Shelter: How To Find Weapons And Outfits


It’s a rough life for the Dwellers in Fallout Shelter. The Vault is certainly a more stable and secure home than roughing it out in the Wasteland, but danger can still literally smash through the door and confront them where they live.

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If only there was some way to arm them against the raiders … Ah, that’s right, there is. Everything from BB guns to plasma pistols can be used to repel invaders and keep Dwellers safe if you decide to send them out to explore the Wasteland. Outfits can raise your Dweller’s stats, which aids in both production and exploration. The problem is finding them, because it’s not like there’s a gun or armor store inside the Vault.

Fortunately, there are two ways you can find weapons and outfits for your dwellers. The first is to find them in Lunchboxes. Each Lunchbox contains four cards, each of which could give you resources, Caps, high level Dwellers, weapons or outfits. It’s the luck of the draw in that regard, but it would be unlucky indeed to have back-to-back Lunchboxes with no gear. You can earn a Lunchbox by completing some objectives or buy them via in-app purchase with real money.

The Wasteland is also a good source of weapons and outfits, but you need to find a Dweller who will survive a fairly long time while exploring in order to turn some up. Any Dweller sent on an exploration run has a diary which will show you exactly what they’ve found while outside the Vault, and you can recall them at any time with no chance of them being killed while returning home. Bonus tip: any Dweller who finds a higher powered weapon while exploring will automatically equip it.

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Speaking of equipping, you can instantly give any available weapon or outfit to any Dweller by simply tapping on them once and then tapping again on either the hand (for weapons) or shirt (for outfits) icons on their profile screen. Tapping on the radio in the bottom-right corner of the screen and then the crate icon will allow you to see which gear you have on hand that isn’t currently assigned to a Dweller; unwanted weapons and outfits can also be sold for Caps from this screen.

That should be all you need to know to keep your Dwellers as safe as possible against raiders and Radroaches alike. Good luck gearing up!

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