FreshFeed: The Quickest Way To Your Desired Content


Have you ever had a couple extra minutes before class? Maybe a quick break in between duties at work? If you’re like a majority of people who spend those spare minutes looking at your phone, FreshFeed will be the app you use daily. This app is catering to the students, workers, and many more who want to get that one last update of their most desired news in the quickest way possible. In addition to that, giving you your news from various apps on your phone in a personalized way. FreshFeed is a new refreshing way of using your phone, and here’s how it does that and more.

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This team of experts decided to take the best attributes we love about our apps, (whether it be social media apps or apps led by an information update system) and made it into one that will give you an ‘EZ pass’ through all the things you don’t want to see when getting caught up on recent news. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, or Pinterest, you’re getting new updates every time you go on FreshFeed. It’s system is a perfect example of the future that multiple apps will partake in. Something you can compare this to is My Magazine by Android. It gives you articles keeping you updated on your news, the categories you select. However FreshFeed is going beyond that, they’re giving you more than just articles and boring text, and without you picking it out.

You connect your other apps to FreshFeed, it will then take information from your likes, dislikes, favorites and relays it through your system. Once it processes the information it gives you a newsfeed in the best personalized way. FreshFeed is taking you past all the things you don‘t want to see when you’re sifting through any kind of app, not only social media.

On top of taking you through unwanted annoyances, FreshFeed isn’t just a social media app, it proves as an enhanced search engine. As updates cycle on your feed, it gives you more links, images, video, and info on what you find most interesting. Think of it as a base of a tree being your feed, and the branches coming from that base is content only catering to your ‘wants and needs’. FreshFeed gives you exactly what it entitles, a fresh feed full of things you will want to hear. These updates also come in a very orderly layout, which is one of the main things you look for in apps. Whether you want all your new information in one feed, or you want to scroll over into a feed specifically for sports, it is all there in a couple of swipes.

As FreshFeed anazlyzes your most liked items, it will then construct it into an ordered chart, giving you percentages of what you find most interesting. This will be one of the many accessories that make up your profile on FreshFeed. What makes this feature fun is the app giving you a personal profile, making it possible to find your friends, and all be able to link together if you choose. This being the reason why Freshfeed isn’t just being categorized as social media, or a search engine. FreshFeed builds a persona for everyone to connect, and link together. It is fun for you and your friends, keeping you all up to date on not only your news, but others if you choose.

One thing you won’t see much of on FreshFeed are ads, and they especially won’t be slamming them right in your face. What’s one of the main problems you have on YouTube, Facebook, or Pinterest for example? Ads are being forced onto your screen whether you like it or not. This just adds to what FreshFeed is doing with the general idea of the app, taking you past the annoyances.

FreshFeed will be taking the app world by storm, giving you a new way to stay updated with all your most desired interests. It will keep you constantly wanting to come back and see what new things are happening, just as Twitter, or Facebook do. What more could you want for an app in general? To see nothing but your wanted content, without any side stuff.

Though FreshFeed is just starting up, big plans are already in the future. Updates to make the app more fun and exciting will be coming, just as you want for any other app. These updates will just add on to the refreshing app that is FreshFeed.

FreshFeed will be available today for iPhone and Android users.

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