Summer Game Fest 2024: Confirmed games, predictions, and hopes

It's almost that time of the year! Summer Game Fest is just around the corner, so let's take a look at the games set to appear in it (and others that could).
Indiana Jones and The Great Circle™. Screenshot courtesy of Xbox and Bethesda Games.
Indiana Jones and The Great Circle™. Screenshot courtesy of Xbox and Bethesda Games. /
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PlayStation fans have been in the dark for quite some time now regarding the company's first-party studios, but that could finally change. Even if the State of Play event already took place and revealed a few games such as Astro Bot, it wouldn't be surprising if PlayStation still has a few cards up its sleeve for the opening ceremony of Summer Game Fest.

Prediction - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 DLC

It's been more than seven months since the release of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Insomniac have yet even to reveal that they're working on a DLC for the game. The only reason we know that's the case is because of a series of unfortunate leaks the developer suffered during December of last year. So when will the curtain finally be lifted? Well, Summer Game Fest would seem to be the perfect time to do so, and we couldn't be more excited for that to happen.

Leaked - Lego Horizon Adventures

Lego has been on a roll recently in the gaming world. First, they announced a collaboration with Nintendo to create a breathtaking Deku Tree set inspired by the Legend of Zelda. Now, it's reported they will develop their first-ever video game based on a PlayStation franchise in the form of Lego Horizon Adventures. The game will recreate the events of Horizon: Forbidden West and will feature realistic graphics. Besides, it would mark the second time Guerilla Games and the toy company have worked on something Horizon-related. In 2022, a huge physical Tallneck Lego set was released and sold out pretty quickly. So let's hope the upcoming game inspires them to create a brand new set for fans of the saga.

Hope - Marvel's Wolverine

It's been more than two years since PlayStation revealed Insomniac's working on a Wolverine game. Granted, many unfortunate events have happened to the developer ever since, including a series of leaks and layoffs. But now that the dust has settled, it's finally time for us to get a proper look at Marvel's Wolverine. That would be the perfect way for PlayStation to blow the roof after a seemingly lackluster State of Play event.

Hope - Ghost of Tsushima 2

Ghost of Tsushima is regarded by many as one of the best PlayStation exclusives ever made, so of course everyone's craving for a sequel. Since the first title of the franchise was released almost four years ago, there has been enough time for Sucker Punch Productions to work on Ghost Of Tsushima 2. That means they could make an official reveal during Summer Game Fest while aiming for a late 2025 release date. While there's no concrete evidence backing this reveal up, one can only hope.

Finally, It's worth pointing out that Naughty Dog, Bend Studio, Media Molecule, Bluepoint Games, and Sony Santa Monica Studio are all working on new games. However, given that God of War: Ragnarok was released just two years ago (and free DLC was added just last year) it seems unlikely that Sony Santa Monica has had enough time to prepare a showcase for its latest title. The same could be argued for Naughty Dog since the studio has spent a lot of resources lately on remasters, remakes, and a canceled multiplayer project. Additionally, Bluepoint is finally working on their first original game since Blast Factor in 2006, so it could take a while before we finally see it.