5 interesting games from the PlayStation State of Play

Sony brought us a new State of Play with some interesting tidbits to look forward to in 2024 and beyond.
Milano Games Week 2023
Milano Games Week 2023 / Emanuele Cremaschi/GettyImages

Managed expectations was the theme for the May 30 PlayStation State of Play. Past events have been marred by complaints about people not getting what they hoped, and this event was handled much differently and helped the perception of what was delivered. Looking at everything that was revealed and talked about, here are five things to look forward to coming out of the State of Play.


Sony’s live service push continues after the success of Helldivers 2 with Concord. This game was presented with a cinematic trailer and the first look at in-engine action. As the gameplay rolled out, it could be described as the odd offspring of Overwatch and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

The trailer revealed a good look at the band of characters, each of which fit within a clear archetype when they turned it into gameplay. The banter between the characters both in the trailer and in the game was witty, so there’s certain to be some good one liners to hear. This is a game that didn’t immediately light fans on fire, and this reveal may not as well, but it was positive to finally see so much of a game that supposedly has an important place in Sony’s 2024 slate of games. The beta is set to launch in July, with the full game released on August 23.

Astro Bot

Fans have long asked for another entry in Astro Bot and it’s finally coming. Not only is it coming, but it’s coming soon with a September 6 release date. For anyone who loves platformers, this game is right up your alley. All the classic platforming tropes are seemingly in the game. Not only that, but it appears as there are mentions of classic PlayStation franchises like God of War, Uncharted, and PaRappa the Rapper. This was perhaps the most exciting reveal during the event and one worth keeping an eye on.

Where Winds Meet

Where Winds Meet is one of the most intriguing entries during this State of Play. The game looks like a Souls-ish type of game, with players battling mystical figures, but with the game listed as “In Development,” there’s no telling how much will show up in the final game. No release timeframe was mentioned, so don’t hold your breath for this game’s release. But this trailer and initial gameplay makes this something to keep an eye on.

Ballad of Antara

Ballad of Antara is in the same position as Where Winds Meet as in it was an intriguing entry into this presentation. Not a lot was shared about the game, but the beautiful presentation was enough to catch your attention. This game was given a 2025 release window, so there’s plenty of time to see more.

Dynasty Warriors Origins

Dynasty Warriors is a video game series that spawns a new entry before you even know to ask for one. There’s another coming to PS5, this one titled Dynasty Warriors Origin. DW is one of those game series that has a strong fan base and has inspired entries in other franchises such as Persona and Gundam. This entry may not build a lot of excitement, but it’s one that will get a lot of runs when it comes out. It was given a release window of 2025.