Palworld may be coming to PlayStation 5 sooner than later

Palworld Screenshot. Image from Pocketpair, Inc.
Palworld Screenshot. Image from Pocketpair, Inc. /

If you own a PlayStation console, you have yet to get the chance to play one of the hit sensations Palworld on it. That is because Palworld has yet to come to the PlayStation 5. For those who do their gaming on PC or Xbox consoles, there is a good chance you have tried out the game Palworld. Palworld took over the gaming community by storm as the game is very similar to Pokemon, except it is a lot more violent than Pokemon. Hence why Palworld is often referred to as "Pokemon with guns."

Is Palworld ever coming to PlayStation 5?

Palworld is currently available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. For the many gamers who do their gaming on PlayStation consoles, they have not yet had the chance to play Palworld.

Recently, the Global Community Manager of Pocketpair, Bucky, took to X to make a mysterious statement that hinted at the possibility of Palworld finally making its debut on the PlayStation 5.

Bucky stated, "I want to add more hearts, but not sure what colour would fit." The original three colored hearts that Bucky had used in his post were black, green, and white. These three colors symbolize the main colors associated with Xbox. Bucky continued on in his statement saying, "hmm... how about...." before he added a blue heart.

The speculation surrounding this post has all circled around to the same theory. The blue heart must symbolize PlayStation because the main color associated with PlayStation is blue, and the other hearts symbolize Xbox.

The reason as to why this makes the most sense is because earlier in the year CEO of Pocketpair, Takuro Mizobe, stated that they were having talks about bringing Palworld to more platforms. There aren't an abundance of other platforms that Palworld can go to, but there is a huge one that Palworld isn't available on which is PlayStation 5.

Palworld has been out for nearly 6 months and if the release to PlayStation consoles was coming, I would have to assume it would be coming sooner rather than later. If Bucky's post was to hint at any sort of new ports to platforms, all signs are pointing towards PlayStation being that next platform. What is your take to the mysterious statement put out by Bucky on X?

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