Does Palworld have PvP?

Pocket Pair

Palworld recently released this week in Early Access, and the game has blown up in popularity with over 3 million copies sold as of this writing. Palworld is a new monster-collecting open-world RPG from developer Pocketpair which has drawn comparisons to Pokemon. There are some major differences though, as Palworld focuses largely on basebuilding and crafting as well.

Despite being in Early Access, Palworld offers players a ton of content. From monster collecting to open world exploring to base building and crafting, there's plenty to do in the game.

With combat also being a large portion of the game, you may also be wondering if the game has PvP. After all, what better way to test you and your monster's strength then against other players.

Does Palworld Early Access have PvP?

Although Palworld supports multiplayer gameplay — with up to four-players online co-op or up to 32 players on a dedicated server — there is no PvP in the game as of right now. That will change in the future, though.

In the game's Early Access launch FAQ, Pocketpair notes: "PvP is currently under development, and PvE can only be played in the current build. We are in the midst of careful adjustment for PvP, so please wait for a while."

It's unclear how long we'll have to wait for PvP to be implemented. Right now, it seems Pocketpair is focused largely on fixing the game's servers to address the high load worldwide.

Once the game is stable, expect Pocketpair to continue to focus on improving the game. Updates in Early Access will include the addition of new monsters, new areas and dungeons to explore, new buildings and more. It's possible that PvP could also be added into the game during this Early Access phase, especially as Pocketpair would likely want player feedback.

Palworld is currently available worldwide in Early Access on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.