Old School RuneScape: How hard is it to obtain Vorkath's head?

Vorkath's head is a drop from Vorkath used to create Ava's Assembler, which provides the best ranged attack bonus for the cape slot in Old School RuneScape.

Vorkath, Old School RuneScape
Vorkath, Old School RuneScape /

Both of the main bosses in the Dragon Slayer II Old School RuneScape quest can be fought after completing the quest, and the first of those two bosses, Vorkath, is quite a popular boss for players to fight once the quest has been completed.

Aside from regular money-making methods associated with killing Zorgoth's blue dragon on Ungael, the level 732 beast is also known for dropping Vorkath's head.

The drop is primarily used to create Ava's Assembler, which provides the best ranged attack bonus for the cape slot in Old School RuneScape once upgraded from Ava's Accumulator.

The drop rate for Vorkath's head is unique. It is a guaranteed drop on your 50th kill, whether you have already gotten one or not.

On every kill other than the 50th, there is a 2% chance of receiving the head. With that in mind, most players will actually obtain the head for the first time before their 50th kill, statistically speaking.

There is effectively a 98% chance of not getting the head in each of your first 49 kills. This means that, entering kill number 50, there is a 62.84% chance of already having secured your first head.

Note that the head isn't guaranteed every 50 kills; it is simply a 2% drop rate with a 100% drop rate on kill number 50. It isn't guaranteed on kills 100 and 150, for instance.

As far as why a player would want multiple Vorkath's heads, the Ava upgrade is not its only use. For example, the head can also be used on a ranging cape or a max cape to give the capes the enhanced ammunition-returning effect associated with all of Ava's devices.

As for the fight itself, it's not as challenging as it might seem.

While Vorkath is level 732 after the quest and level 392 during the quest, the only differences in the battle are minor. He simply has 750 health instead of just 460, and his ranged and dragonfire maximum hits are a few life points higher. It is basically the same exact fight, just a little bit longer.

It is always smart to pray against his ranged attack instead of his magic attack, and be sure to bring ways to protect from dragonfire (and venom). Beware of the Galvek-like instakill dragonfire attack, and count off every seven attacks to prepare for the use of his alternating specials, and you should be good.

It is also worth noting that Dragon Slayer II is also a Speedrunning quest, meaning that you can effectively practice the Vorkath fight as much as you want before doing the quest for real. At the very least, it absolutely helps to familiarize yourself with the mechanics before going all-in and trying to reel off 50 kills for the head. Plus, the stats and gear are provided for you.