Madden 24's Super Bowl LVIII prediction is good news for Swifties, bad news for everyone else

Who's ready for the iconic Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce kiss under the confetti?
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

With the Super Bowl LVIII just days away, EA has conducted its annual simulation of the Big Game. Using the latest Madden 24, EA simulated the upcoming game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers to predict the winner.

Depending on which side of the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce relationship you fall on, you may be happy or disappointed with the projected outcome.

According to EA's Madden 24 simulation, the Kansas City Chiefs will defeat the San Francisco 49ers 30-28 in Super Bowl LVIII.

For Swifties, this is the dream scenario. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kissing at the 50-yard line under the red and white confetti raining down. You can't write a better love story, let alone a chart-topping song. Okay, so maybe Taylor Swift could.

For everyone else in America, this is an absolute nightmare scenario. The coverage surrounding her and Kelce's relationship during the NFL season has been suffocating and I don't think anyone who isn't already a fan of Taylor Swift wants to see this.

To be clear, I don't blame Taylor Swift or Travis Kelce for any of this. I'm actually a big fan of her music and business acumen. It's not her fault that the media is obsessed with her. But for anyone who isn't a diehard fan of Taylor Swift, it's a bit much. Like, I don't need to know where they partied after every win or what she wore to the game.

Now if you're a 49ers fan (or just anti-Taylor Swift), there is a bit of good news to come out of this. Madden hasn't had a great track record when predicting the Super Bowl winner of late. Last year, Madden 23 incorrectly predicted the Philadelphia Eagles would beat the Kansas City Chiefs. While the game was close, the Chiefs ultimately ended up winning the game 38-35.

Before last season, Madden was just four for 10 in correctly predicting the Super Bowl winner. Given its poor track record of late, there's reason for 49ers fans to be a bit optimistic heading into Sunday's game. But never underestimate Taylor Swift.