Is Palworld coming to the Nintendo Switch?

Palworld Screenshot. Image from Pocketpair, Inc.
Palworld Screenshot. Image from Pocketpair, Inc. /

Palworld was released in early access in mid-January. The game has since blown up in popularity with over five million copies sold in less than a week since its launch. It's an impressive milestone, especially considering it's only available on Xbox and PC platforms.

Developed by Pocketpair, Palworld is an open-world, monster collection, action-adventure that emphasizes base-building and crafting. But it's the monster collecting aspect that has drawn comparisons to another massively popular game, Game Freak Pokemon.

Pokemon has been a staple on Nintendo gaming consoles since the first game launched in 1996. Given the two game's similarities, is there any chance Palworld will come to the Nintendo Switch in the future?

Is Palworld coming to the Nintendo Switch?

As of this writing, there has been no mention of Palworld coming to the Nintendo Switch. In the Palworld launch FAQ, Pocketpair does mention the PS5 and that they will "consider it during development," but there's no such question about the Switch.

This seems to suggest that there are not even any plans to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch. Perhaps it's due to the similarities to Pokemon, or maybe it's that they don't believe they can get it to run smoothly on the Nintendo Switch.

That being said, there are rumors that the Nintendo Switch 2 could be coming later this year. The Switch successor is rumored to be more powerful than the current model, which could bode well for third-party games in the future.

Having said that, Palworld's monster-collecting premise might be too close to Pokemon for Nintendo to allow it on the platform.

Where can you play Palworld?

For now, the only places you can play Palworld is Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. The game is available to play for free for anyone who is also subscribed to Game Pass.