Is Helldivers 2 Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Sony / Arrowhead

Helldivers 2 has just been released for the PlayStation 5 and PC. It took nearly 9 years for a sequel to be made, but nonetheless here we are. If you purchased Helldivers 2, you either purchased it on your PlayStation 5 or for your PC. Those are the only two consoles you can currently play Helldivers 2 on, but what does the future entail for a potential Xbox Game Pass release?

The Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft's pride and joy. The success of the Xbox Game Pass has been so great to the point where we have seen some pretty amazing video games come to the service over the years. With lots of gamers wanting to get their hands on Helldivers 2, the question presents itself on whether or not we will ever see the game make its way onto the Xbox Game Pass.

Is there any chance for Helldivers 2 to make its way onto the Xbox Game Pass?

Unfortunately, I have some bad news. If you were hoping that Helldivers 2 would make it onto Microsoft's subscription service, there is no need to hope any longer. It is something that will never end up happening.

Helldivers 2 is published by Sony and because of that, it feels like you have a better chance of winning the lottery than Helldivers 2 ever coming to the Xbox Game Pass. Since Helldivers 2 is published by Sony, there is almost a 100% chance the game will stay a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

However, if you do not own a PlayStation 5 all hope is not lost. You can still purchase Helldivers 2 on the PC. Just make sure that you check Helldivers 2 PC specs before making the purchase to make sure that your PC is strong enough to handle it.

This may not have been the news you were hoping to read, but there are still tons of other great games you can play on the Xbox Game Pass with new games hitting the service each and every month.

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