Is EA Sports College Football releasing on July 12?

EA Sports College Football announcement image. Courtesy of EA Sports.
EA Sports College Football announcement image. Courtesy of EA Sports. /

Earlier today, rumors of the release date for EA Sports College Football game were spreading across the internet. The rumored date of release is July 12, 2024 -- a date that aligns with EA's summer release window.

As it turns out, this date is not set in stone. It's possible that it could be accurate, but additional sources "with direct knowledge" have confirmed they did not share "a direct date with anybody"

Responding to the rumored date, college football reporter Matt Brown spoke to "people at EA with direct knowledge" and both confirmed that a direct date has not been shared. They didn't confirm the date, but they also didn't deny it. So it's possible it could be true. Matt Brown added that he has also heard the July release window.

For as long as I can remember, EA has released its college football games in early- to mid-July. So a July 12th release date is in line with the past. However, it has been nearly 14 years since EA has put out a college football video game.

The last time we had a college football video game was NCAA Football 14, which was released on July 9, 2013. Issues with college players getting paid for the name, image and likeness ultimately spelled doom for the NCAA Football series, but now that players can get paid, EA has been working to put out a game.

It was previously rumored that EA would reveal more details on EA Sports College Football during the College Football Playoff National Championship between the Washington Huskies and Michigan Wolverines. However, nothing was ever announced or revealed.

Last we heard, EA Sports Vice President and General Manager Daryl Holt told ESPN that the game would be released in summer 2024. Hopefully, we find out more soon because summer is just around the corner.