How to Recruit All Baldur’s Gate 3 Pets into Your Camp

Get all Baldur's Gate 3 pets by following this comprehensive guide, ensuring they're safely brought back to your camp for care and protection!
Baldur's Gate 3 - ©2023 Larian Studios
Baldur's Gate 3 - ©2023 Larian Studios /
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Grub is Yenna’s best friend. The shy cat doesn’t offer much utility like the other three pets. But its cuteness is a delightful touch to your camp. 

Where to Find Grub in BG3

Act: 3

Location: Rivington

Coordinates: X: -10, Y: -110

How to Recruit Grub into Your Camp in BG3

Recruiting Grub is straightforward. Upon your arrival in Rivington, Yenna will approach you. You can give her gold and food, help her seek help from a guard, or tell her the truth about her mother’s fate. Regardless of your choice, Yenna and Grub will come to your camp later and ask to stay.

However, the true challenge lies in ensuring Grub's survival. In Act 3, Orin will take one of your camp members' forms. Don’t let Yenna be abducted, as this will lead to Orin assuming the child's appearance, turning Grub into a meal, and feeding the poor cat to you. Enjoying Orin’s cooking must be one of the most evil things to do in BG3. So, to safeguard both the child and the cat's well-being, leave Gale, Halsin, Laezel, or Minthara in the camp until you finish dealing with Orin.