Full List of Active Apex Legends Codes (Updated March 2024)

Here's how to redeem all active Apex Legends codes in 2024.
Here's how to redeem all active Apex Legends codes in 2024. / Respawn Entertainment

Looking to redeem Apex Legends codes in March 2024? We have all the active codes that offer free in-game rewards, including Apex Coins.

It is no secret that securing premium Apex Legends cosmetics is a costly endeavor. Each new Collection Event or limited-time crossover seems to require more and more Apex Coins to unlock the best skins, Heirlooms, and more in the game. Fortunately, fans can redeem Apex Legends codes throughout 2024 to receive extra Apex Coins, randomized skins, and more at no extra cost. Every bit of free in-game currency helps in the long run.

Check out how to redeem all the active Apex Legends codes for March 2024.

Full List of Active Apex Legends Codes (Updated March 2024)

Here's the full list of active Apex Legends codes for March 2024:

  • CVFD-NSUX-CDAW-H8G9: 600T Apex Coins
  • C4ME-EXHK-BVMG-T78L: 500T Apex Coins
  • 5S44-W26Z-5HHQ-GNLX: 100T Apex Coins
  • 3EAA-G9TE-JZBR-MUS8: 100T Apex Coins
  • 9HXB-8Q8R-R4QM-YCJH: 100T Apex Coins
  • B6JU-4NJV-AADQ-5ELD: 100T Apex Coins
  • BBYL-ZGJ9-EBFF-DJ37: 100T Apex Coins
  • CFKT-LEB6-45C5-HJ7A: 100T Apex Coins
  • CJAE-9EN7-ZS8R-C57A: 100T Apex Coins
  • DCZA-SA3X-MVML-HRLB: 100T Apex Coins
  • 2N5W-F7NN-V65W-WVGF: 50T Apex Coins
  • E3WW-E2X9-JWJ6-TB3B: 30T Apex Coins
  • GY2K-RPHZ-CZ94-5BEV: Apex Coins
  • C4FP-SUXH-BPCY-LCNZ: Free Skin
  • 996C-JD7U-G9QC-GWX8: 2 Hours Level Boost

Expired Apex Legends Codes (March 2024)

Here's all the expired Apex Legends codes as of March 2024:

Expired Apex Legends Codes



10T Apex Coins


15T Apex Coins


10T Apex Coins


20T Apex Coins


30T Apex Coins


15T Apex Coins


20T Apex Coins


100T Apex Coins


20T Apex Coins


20T Apex Coins


2 Hours Level Boost


10T Apex Coins


3 Hour Level Boost

How to Redeem Apex Legends Codes (March 2024)

To redeem Apex Legends codes for March 2024, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Apex Legends.
  2. Visit the Store tab.
  3. Then, hit the Featured tab.
  4. On the bottom left of the screen, click Redeem Code.
  5. Enter your code into the text box.
  6. Immediately receive your reward.

If the reward is not automatically added to your account, restart your game to complete the process.

You can also redeem an Apex Legends code without launching the game by following these steps:

  1. Visit ea.com/redeem.
  2. For PC codes, simply hit Redeem. If you are on another platform, scroll down and select your console.
  3. Sign in to your EA account.
  4. Input your code.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions until the game appears in your account.

How to Download Apex Legends

Getting Apex Legends is very simple; since the Battle Royale is free-to-play, all you need to do is download it on one of the following platforms:

  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox One
  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch

Those on console can head to the Microsoft, PlayStation, or Nintendo Store to get started. If you are on PC, you can download Apex Legends on Steam or from the EA App for Windows.