5 Rare Apex Legends Skins Everybody Wants, But Likely Will Never Get

EA / Respawn
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Respawn Entertainment is always releasing new Apex Legends skins, but they have failed to bring back some rare Apex Legends skins that everyone still playing would love to purchase.

Unlike Fortnite, Apex Legends does sometimes recolor their rare skins, giving players a chance to obtain at least a version of an old skin from the game’s early years. With every new season, we are hoping some of the rarest Apex Legends skins will make their return in some shape or form.

Check out these five rare Apex Legends skins everybody wants, but likely will never get.

Midnight Cipher (Crypto)

EA / Respawn
EA / Respawn /

Midnight Cipher is one of the rarest skins in Apex Legends. The skin was a recolor of Crypto’s Deadly Byte, turning the pink and brown gear into a midnight blue and gold. The colors look nicer, richer, and match well with Crypto’s aesthetic.

Midnight Cipher came in the Prince of Darkness Bundle in the Fight or Fright 2020 Event, one year after Deadly Byte dropped in the Fight or Fright 2019 Event. Both skins made a quick reappearance during the Monsters Within Event in 2021 but have not been in the game since.

Crypto does have an extremely low pick rate in Apex Legends Season 17, so do not expect to see Midnight Cipher return to the game.