Fortnite Reload introduces fast paced gameplay into Fortnite

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Fortnite is always looking for ways to spice up their game. Originally, Fortnite was your classic Battle Royale type of video game, but over the years it has evolved just like any other game. Epic Games wanted to add a new game mode, but have a throwback to their classic experience as well. With that came the birth of their latest game mode called Fortnite Reload.

What is Fortnite Reload?

While Fortnite Reload may be a new game mode, it has some classic Fortnite thrown into it. Fortnite Reload consists of 40 players. In this game mode, there is respawning. As long as one member of your squad stays alive, you will respawn when the reboot timer hits zero. If you are familiar with Call of Duty: Warzone's Resurgence game mode, it is very similar to that.

Each respawn timer starts at 30 seconds, but later on in the match can get to upwards of 40 seconds. The more knockdowns and kills your teammates get in that time period, the quicker your respawn timer will go down. If all members of the team get killed in that short time span, the game is over. Also, respawns are not allowed towards the end of the game.

Since Fortnite Reload consists of only 40 players, the map has been condensed tremendously. This is where the hint of classic Fortnite comes back into the game. On the map, you will see familiar locations such as Retail Row and Tilted Towers. Two of the most famous locations that Fortnite has created. Throughout the journey across the Fortnite Reload map you will also come across some classic Fortnite weapons as well.

How To Get The Rezzbrella Glider in Fortnite Reload?

With the addition of Fortnite Reload, there are also new Quests and Challenges to gain some extra XP and some cool rewards. An interesting reward you can acquire while Fortnite Reload is around, is the Rezzbrella Glider.

The Rezzbrella Glider is a special glider that can only be acquired while Fortnite Reload is in the game. All you have to do to get the Rezzbrella Glider is simply get one win in Fortnite Reload. The smaller player count per game and the respawning can make getting wins a bit easier, but still don't take any wins for granted. It may not be as easy as it seems.

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