Everything we know so far about rumored Nintendo Switch 2 console

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The Nintendo Switch made its highly anticipated release back on March 3, 2017. The Nintendo Switch has now paved the way for future consoles as it was the first major hybrid console that you can play as a stationary console in the comfort of your own home, or take it on the go with you. As almost seven years have gone by, rumors begun circulating last year about Nintendo's potential release of a NIntendo Switch 2. Those rumors are appearing to become a reality in the very near future.

The Nintendo Switch 2 is all but confirmed

Even though we haven't gotten confirmation on a Nintendo Switch 2 by Nintendo, there are more and more reports going around that a Nintendo Switch 2 is coming and may be coming before 2024 ends. If that is true, Nintendo is going to be gearing up for a major announcement coming sometime in the coming months.

While the general rumor that the console will be called the Nintendo Switch 2, there is no guarantee that is what the name of the console will be. Nintendo might have other ideas for the name of their new console. However, depsite whatever the name of the console may be, we can almost guarantee that it will be a hybrid console just like the Nintendo Switch is. Nintendo has benefitted too much from their unique console that reverting away from a hybrid console just would not make sense.

The Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to cost $400

The Nintendo Switch launched with a price point of $299. The Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to launch with a $399 price point. This doesn't surprise me by any means. The technology has grown over the last seven years and because the hardware inside is improved and has gotten better, Nintendo has no choice but to raise the price.

This was kind of the same deal when Nintendo announced their new Nintendo Switch OLED. It was considered their newest switch console, but at the end of the day it was still the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch OLED has the much-improved OLED screen which is why it launched with a price point of $349.

It is said that the Nintendo Switch 2 isn't just going to be just a new and improved Nintendo Switch, but a new console all together with much better hardware to run games that are requiring such requirements due to the increase of technology.

Also, since the price of video game consoles are going up, expect new Nintendo video games to also reach up to $70 per video game. This is something that we have seen already for the Xbox and PlayStation consoles and Nintendo can't be far behind. If the technology and power of the console is going to improve, so will the video game content and that will see a rise in price for Nintendo Switch games.

Will Nintendo Switch games be backwards compatible?

I think the biggest question that gamers want answered is if the Nintendo Switch 2 will allow backwards compatibility with Nintendo Switch games. We don't know one hundred percent, but if I had to guess, I would say that it will support backwards compatibility to some extent.

Nintendo knows the importance of backwards compatibility. We have seen the Xbox Series X|S integrate backwards compatibility, we have seen the PS4 integrate backwards compatibility, so there would be no reason that the new Nintendo Switch console would get rid of that. It would only hurt their selling point in the long run. Not only that, but it would still give gamers incentive to purchase older Nintendo Switch games so that they can play them on the new console.

With all of that being said, don't be surprised if Nintendo makes an announcement soon. If a 2024 release is in the works, Nintendo is going to want to announce it as soon as possible to get as many pre-orders as possible along with as much hype as they can build.

It is obvious that after seven years, if Nintendo wants to compete with Microsoft and Sony, they are going to have to pull the trigger on a new console. The Nintendo Switch console was a breath of fresh air as a new take on video gaming, so it will be interesting to see how Nintendo steps up, upgrades, and improves one of their most successful video game consoles to date.

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