Dragon's Dogma 2: Saint of the Slums Quest Guide

Dragon Dogma's 2 screenshot. Courtesy Capcom
Dragon Dogma's 2 screenshot. Courtesy Capcom /

The Saints of the Slums quest in Dragon's Dogma 2 is a little difficult for two reasons. First, it's hard to even start. Second, it's not marked well on your map with a lot of independent exploring if you're not sure where to go. Trying to start this quest too early in game by just checking out the environment will make it even more difficult as you probably haven't seen the things you need to complete the quest in the first place. Don't fret, however, as the guide below will help you out. Good luck!

In order to begin the quest, you'll need to make your way to the slums in Vernworth. You'll be sent here early on in the main quest "Caged Magistrate". The quest will appear here later on once you complete certain main quests. For me, it was available after I made it to the second main city Bakbattahl. Find the girl Elena and she'll ask you for three pieces of the material Miasmite.

Now, I had about 12 hours into the game at this point and picked up every item I saw while walking around and still hadn't encountered Miasmite to that point. The quest also doesn't tell you where you can find it. The reason is Miasmite ONLY comes from phantoms which ONLY come out at night. They pop up rarely, but I found them wandering around Vernworth outside the western gate Oxcart station. If you aren't a Mage/Sorceror main like me, you'll need to have one as a pawn because they are vulnerable to magic. Get the 3 pieces and bring them back to Elena.

The quest will bring you to talk to Ludomir and continue in the Slums. The next parts go fairly quickly in succession. Talk to Ludomir. Then, go outside and chit chat with Lottie. Now, go right back to Ludomir again. You'll be told to wait until night to go downstairs to investigate. Sit on a bench and pass time - go downstairs. Now, go talk to Bruno at the bar and then spy on Elena and her secret meeting. Next, go back to Ludomir who will send you to checkpoint rest town northwest of Vernworth to talk to a doctor (It's in our other guides as well). Give the medicine to the doc and wait a few days to have him tell you it's poisonous (surprise, surprise!)

Now, go back and talk to Ludomir again. Guess what? He's gone, but he's down in the basement trapped by Elena. When you go downstairs, we get to bumrush Elena like the Buffalo Bills middle linebacker to finish the quest. It is a GIANT pain in the a** this quest because you go all over, but you do get a bunch of gold and 1600 XP which will most likely level you up.

We hope this helps you on your way through Dragon's Dogma 2 as it's a highly misable, optional quest. Dragon's Dogma 2 is out now on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.