Does MLB The Show 24 have Online Franchise Mode?

MLB The Show 24 Cover Athlete Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Image courtesy Sony.
MLB The Show 24 Cover Athlete Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Image courtesy Sony. /

MLB The Show 24 is almost upon us. Many of the popular game modes return this year, including exhibition matches, Road to the Show, Storylines, Franchise mode, March to October, and online multiplayer.

But every year, there's always the question if Online Franchise capability is finally supported. Having played the game in early access, we can confirm that MLB The Show 24 does not include Online Franchise.

It's another disappointing realization but not totally unexpected as Online Franchise has not been supported in the MLB The Show series for a few years now.

Franchise mode puts you in the shoes of an MLB GM as you attempt to lead your team to a World Series championship and beyond. You manage the farm system, offseason signings, and everything else throughout the 162-game season. And you do this over multiple seasons.

March to October is basically a condensed version of Franchise Mode. Instead of playing through all 162 games of a season, you're dropped into key moments of the season that could determine fate in the playoffs.

Either one of these modes would benefit from the ability to play online with friends.

Instead, the only way to truly compete with friends in an online fashion is through Custom Leagues. This mode allows between four and 30 players to compete against each other in an online league (no CPU default teams) using real-life rosters or other players’ Diamond Dynasty teams. Unfortunately, there's no offseason support in this mode -- it's basically a one and done season.

As someone who enjoys playing Franchise with friends in Madden and NBA 2K, it's disappointing that MLB The Show continues to dismiss this type of game mode. Perhaps Sony San Diego figures their attention is better focused on other popular online game modes such as Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 24 is currently playable in early access. It releases fully in March 19 for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo.