Does MLB The Show 23 have Online Franchise Mode?

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MLB The Show 23 officially released this week, just days ahead of Major League Baseball’s opening day. This year’s game sees the addition of the Negro Leagues storyline plus the return of several fan-favorite modes, including Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty. The beloved but oft-forgotten Franchise mode is back (along with March to October), allowing you to become the GM of your favorite MLB team. And to be fair to Sony San Diego, there are some notable improvements with Franchise this year. But one thing fans have asked for has been the ability to create an online Franchise to play with friends.

Online Franchise was removed from MLB The Show a few years back but fans have hoped year in and year-out for its return.  So is it finally back in MLB The Show 23

Does MLB The Show 23 have Online Franchise Mode?

Unfortunately, Online Franchise has once again not made the cut for MLB The Show 23. This shouldn’t come as a total shocker but it’s a disappointment nonetheless.

One of my favorite things about sports games like Madden and even dating back to NCAA Football was competing against my friends online in a league that spanned multiple seasons. I loved out-signing or out-recruiting them for players in the offseason. The bragging rights of head-to-head matchups. All of it.

It’s a shame that’s not possible in MLB The Show 23. Neither Franchise or March to October, which is basically a condensed version of Franchise, offer the ability to play online with friends. However, there are some modes in which you can play online with others.

Online co-op is back, allowing for matchups of 2v2 or 3v3. There’s even the ability to play ranked co-op this year if you’re the more competitive type.

If you are looking to compete against friends or even strangers in more of a season-type setup, there’s the option to create Custom Leagues. This allows between four and 30 players to compete against each other in an online league (no CPU default teams) using real-life rosters or other players’ Diamond Dynasty teams. There are various settings to choose from to make the league more competitive or relaxed, and a postseason. And while you can have multiple seasons within a Custom League, there is no offseason. Custom Leagues offer more of a competitive tournament experience than a traditional franchise mode.