Call of Duty: Black Ops 6's new Omnimovement explained

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 has been turning a lot of heads since it was first announced. Gamers are excited to see Black Ops 6 revisit some classic features and modes, but are also excited to see what new features Treyarch has in store for the dedicated community. One of the newest features that everyone is talking about is Omnimovement.

What is Omnimovement and how does it work?

Omnimovement is a brand-new movement system that is going to make every movement feel more lifelike than ever before.

The traditional walking and sprinting has evolved a lot over the years. In more recent Call of Duty video games, sliding and diving were added into the game to give the game a more realistic feeling. Treyarch is going to be pushing those boundaries even more with their new feature Omnimovement.

For the first time in Call of Duty history, Omnimovement will allow players to sprint or dive in any direction. Since humans are actually able to move this way in real life, Treyarch wanted to make the movement system the most realistic it has ever been in any Call of Duty game.

Omnimovement will take things a step further as you will also have a full 360 degree range of motion when you are on your back so that you can twist in turn to any position, making this one of the most realistic mechanics ever seen in a Call of Duty video game.

There are a lot of concerns regarding Omnimovement and whether or not it will make the game feel clunky. Will the camera move smoothly with the updated movement? Will evading enemies gunfire be too easy now that you can sprint and dive in any direction? All these questions make valid points, but Treyarch stated that "Once you experience Omnimovement, there's no going back."

At the end of the day, I think Omnimovement is going to be a huge hit. Call of Duty has always thrived to make their games feel the most realistic unlike ever before. The introduction of Omnimovement is going to achieve that goal and take movement to a whole new level. Levels that other franchises are going to want to add into their games as well.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 launches worldwide on October 25 and I know Treyarch has many more surprises up their sleeves for what it to come in the upcoming months.

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