7 under-the-radar game releases for the rest of 2024

There are a lot of games that players and media are watching closely, but what about those scheduled to release this year that are flying under the radar.
Paris Games Week 2022 : Day Two
Paris Games Week 2022 : Day Two / Chesnot/GettyImages
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July: Dungeons of Hinterberg

2024 has been a big year for role-playing games. Dungeons of Hinterberg is another addition to the list of RPGs to drop this year, and it’s one that should pique some interest heading into its launch on July 18. Dungeons of Hinterberg has been dubbed a “Zelda-like” which comes with a heavyweight but will capture the interest of those who love RPGs. The game is set to blend action-RPG elements and dungeon crawling in a mountain town. The art style looks fantastic and it is understandable why fans of the genre are keeping a close eye on this game.

August: Cat Quest III

If dogs are man’s best friend, why are all the best animal video games based on cats? Don’t answer that, instead focus on the August 8 launch of Cat Quest III. This is another action RPG, but it’s the best kind as you control a group of cats who are hunting Pi-rats. You’ll get access to a ship and travel to various islands for action and exploration. Cat Quest I and II received mostly positive reviews, so there’s a lot of anticipation that this game will keep that momentum rolling.

September: Warhammer 40K Space Marine 2

If you are looking to satiate your need of video game violence, Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine 2 will soothe that itch on September 9. This is the next entry to the well-known Warhammer series but has still fallen under the radar this year. While it’s not Gears 6, it’s the closest thing to the series that the industry will see this year. This 3rd Person action game will feature plenty of shooting and hacking as the player takes on hordes of enemies from the Tyranid.