Three role-playing games (RPGs) to look forward to this spring and summer

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth kicked off a big year for RPGs and these are three games that will keep the fun going through the summer.
Paris Games Week 2022 : Day Two
Paris Games Week 2022 : Day Two / Chesnot/GettyImages

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is a massive attraction for roleplaying game players in 2024. While some weren’t as pleased with the full final product, it was still well-received by the masses. Now that one of the biggest games in the genre has come and gone, it is time to look forward to three other RPGs that have captured the attention of avid gamers. As spring and summer kick-off, these are three games worth your while.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Are you a fan of Suikoden? Then Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is for you. Set for release on April 23, this game is brought to you by Yoshitaka Murayama, creator of the original Suikoden series, so he knows exactly what those fans are looking for. If you love for your RPGs to have a varied cast of characters, then you know this game can’t be missed. You’ll control up to six characters at a time, but you’ll have your pick from hundreds of other playable characters – thus the name.

The story features the standard flare of political intrigue and playing from the POV of two characters. Previews are dropping and many are saying positive things about this game. Even better for Xbox Game Pass subscribers as this game is coming to that platform on day one.

Front Mission 2: Remake

The Front Mission video game series is a cult favorite among diehard RPG players. With 18 games in the series, there’s plenty to pick from – even the dreadful Left Alive that came out in 2019 for the PS4. But Front Mission 2: Remake originally dropped in 2023 and is a welcome addition for current-gen players. The remake originally came out for Nintendo Switch users, while PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players can get their hands on it come April 30.

Front Mission 2: Remake continues the turn-based strategy involving massive mechs and other mechanical foes. The battles themselves may feel slow, but they allow you to take control of every part, customizing your team in ways that can make them seem like a true force on the battlefield. This is a great game for players who like to take things slow and enjoy the battles.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak

While many may consider Final Fantasy the best series in the RPG category, The Legend of Heroes is the real leader in that space. This series features several titles and spinoffs that take part in a massive game spanning several trilogies across platforms. The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak is the next edition and is set to come to the Western world on July 5.

This game takes place in the Calvard Republic, which is one area of the series that players do not know much about. This game will kick off the Trails Through Daybreak story arc which is going to tie into the overall Legend of Heroes story.

There are several fantastic titles coming out for role playing game lovers in 2024. These are just three of the games that may be flying under the radar but are worth viewing as their release dates approach.