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The Wolf Among Us Bigby Wolf
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Best Xbox One Games #9 – The Wolf Among Us

Developer: Telltale Games

Synopsis: Imagine a world where fairytale fables lived in New York City, right among us, like members of society. This comic book adaptation of “Fables” does so, with the player assuming the role of Bigby “The Big, Bad” Wolf as the sheriff of Fabletown. It’s a fictionalized subset community hidden from view of “normal” society, where fabled heroes and villains of yore take potions to look like normal humans.

Bigby is tasked with discovering the party responsible for several grizzly murders taking place in his community, all while interacting with characters known from stories told hundreds of years ago. Knowing the balance between keeping foes in line and taming the beast within is just one of many problems for a man known to become a werewolf.

Why it’s one of the 50 best Xbox One games: A great strength of Telltale’s ability to recreate someone else’s story and spin it their own special way relies on the characterization brought on by the voice cast. Each actor breathes new life into their characters, despite being established fables known to all. They complement a story-driven game that differs greatly from the rest of the Telltale catalog, in no small part from the neon noir art style with its cel-shading. While the end story is fundamentally set, the kind of leader you portray is fairly dynamic, leading to choices that do actually matter in impacting the narrative mood.

Whether you lead as an understanding tough guy or a brute willing to do what’s necessary to keep others in line, A Wolf Among Us is the strongest example of the Telltale formula we’ve seen on 8th-generation platforms.

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