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D4 dark dreams don't die
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Best Xbox One Games #10 – D4 (Dark Dreams Don’t Die)

Developer: Access Games

Synopsis: From the creator of cult classic Deadly Premontion comes a novel approach to the Xbox One’s then-mandatory inclusion of the Kinect. David is a detective that has a special power that allows him to travel through windows of time using objects referred to as momentos. Going through these moments allows him to connect clues about his wife’s murderer; a man simply referred to as “D.”

There’s a “D” out there, and could be one of a number of eccentric, Dickensian characters. Using either hand movements with the Kinect or the controller, ask the right questions and input the right combinations to uncover the mysteries of D.

Why it’s one of the best Xbox One games: Dark Dreams Don’t Die makes the case for coming up with something new, no matter how silly it may look in the end. There’s a decidedly Eastern developmental tinge to the game, especially with the anthropomorphic “cat” character and many pow-wows that involve gorging on insane amounts of food.

Regardless of the clash in storytelling styles, D4 is an excellent example of Microsoft Studios showing their faith in a Japanese developer that hasn’t raked in the sales, but does offer a unique perspective in games.

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