50 Best Xbox One Games Right Now

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Forza Horizon 3 xbox one
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Best Xbox One Games #8 – Forza Horizon 3

Developer: Turn 10 Studios

Synopsis: Gone are the sloping, frigid mountainside of Colorado. So long to winding fields and open pastries of Southern Italy and France. Forza Horizon 3 opens up a can of Fosters in celebration of taking the show to the roads, deserts, forests, jungles and hills of sunny Australia.

With hundreds of vehicles ripe for the picking, players can participate in a vast number of exciting racing missions, tracks, challenges, and features. Customize your vehicles to make them your own before you venture out and explore what awaits. Build up a team of racers and take the never-say-die attitude to a big racing meetup. Unlock the supercars and truly experience freedom at its pushed limits.

Why it’s one of the best 50 Xbox One games: While the Forza Motorsport main franchise tries to stick to its roots and build upon a solid, boxed-in racing simulation, Forza Horizon 3 throws all caution to the wind. While a lesser game might see you run, see you better take cover from the storm, the weather system adds intensity to an environment laden with gorgeous sights to behold. When you’re racing in this game, you are immersed in a wonderful amalgamation of the best Australia has to offer.

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