50 Best PS4 Games Right Now

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Best PS4 Games #1 – Bloodborne

Developer: From Software

Synopsis: Hidetaki Miyazki steps away from the Souls series to bring you a Lovecraftian horror story worthy of supreme excellence. You arise as a Hunter, seeking the Paleblood in the dystopian town of Yharnam. An illness has taken over the citizens of this once-great town, and it’s up to you to conquer this sickness before it spreads throughout the known dimensions of our existence.

Instead of the traditional sword-and-board gameplay, Bloodborne focuses on a select number of trick weapons and a combat system that rewards aggressive moves. Dashes in an out of combat allow you to strike with a number of weapons that come with alternate two-hand classes, doubling the types of strikes you can perform. Use blood gems and runes to optimize damage output, while calling upon select factions to back you up at a moment’s notice.

Why Bloodborne tops on our list of the 50 best PS4 games: Bloodborne heard the criticisms of Dark Souls 2 and perfects their flaws. Large beasts with a variety of different combat styles replace humanoid knights. An entirely new lore is established, one with as heavy narrative overtones as the Souls series is known for. The health regen system pushes players to press the advantage, making them give no quarter to oncoming enemies. Because of this, the pace of action picks up, creating a more favorable dueling experience.

Everything about the design of Bloodborne is perfection personified. The level design, art design, orchestral soundtrack, NPC dialogue, gameplay systems and combat implementation are beyond reproach. The oddly unsettling narrative is matched only by the disturbing monsters created by the production team.

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Bloodborne is the best game on the PS4 because it seeks to create something new that fans of the Souls series is known to appreciate. Instead of faltering in favor of tradition, the production team created a masterpiece worthy of excellence on its own terms.