Every Marvel game in development for 2024 and beyond

Arkane Lyon / Bethesda
Arkane Lyon / Bethesda /

While Marvel Studios has struggled at the box office lately, video games based on the various comic books have thrived. From Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man series to Eidos-Montréal’s criminally underappreciated Guardians of the Galaxy, there have been some great games of late. And looking at the list of games currently in development, there’s even more to get excited for.

There have been a bunch of Marvel games announced in recent months, and almost all of them are in early production. Some don’t even have official titles yet.

As 2023 winds down, here’s a quick rundown of every Marvel game currently in development and their possible release date.

Marvel’s Blade

Revealed at the 2023 Game Awards, Marvel’s Blade is the most recent to join the growing list of  Marvel games. The game’s announcement comes as Marvel Studios is currently working on its own Blade movie, but the two projects are completely unrelated. Bethesda’s game is a completely original story, although you’ll still be battling vampire baddies.

Marvel’s Blade is still very early in development, so no release date has been announced. Consoles also haven’t been revealed, and there’s speculation that it could be an Xbox exclusive, especially as Microsoft owns Bethesda.

Marvel’s Wolverine

Marvel’s Wolverine was announced at 2021’s PlayStation Showcase alongside Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. But Insomniac was focusing primarily on the sequel to its web-slinging action-adventure. With Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 out now, the studio could begin focusing more on the adamantium-clawed mutant. Insomniac may first want to release some DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but we do know we’ll be getting a Wolverine game at some point in the future. Marvel’s Wolverine is likely to be a PlayStation exclusive as Insomniac is owned by PlayStation.

EA Motive’s Untitled Iron Man

Announced in 2022, Marvel and EA Motive Studio are working on a single-player, third-person action-adventure starring Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. EA offered a brief update on the status of the game earlier this year, confirming that the studio’s focus has shifted primarily to the Iron Man game, which is being built in Unreal Engine 5. As it’s still somewhat early in development, a 2024 release seems unlikely. Look to learn more abou the game next year, but a release in 2025 is more likely.

EA Cliffhanger Games’ Marvel’s Black Panther

Announced in the summer of 2023, Cliffhanger Games is a new triple-A development studio from EA. Their first announced title is an original third-person, single-player black Panther game. Development is being led by Kevin Stephens (Monoloth Productions) with a team that has worked on action-adventure titles like Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor as well as franchises such as Halo Infinite, God of War, Call of Duty and more. Again, this game is still early in development; it doesn’t even have an official title yet. Like Iron Man, it’s possible Black Panther could come in 2025 or 2026.

Skydance New Media’s Untitled Captain America-Black Panther game

EA isn’t the only developer working on a Black Panther game. Skydance New Media also has a game in development that is based on the characters of Captain America and Black Panther. The game is said to feature an original narrative loosely inspired by the 2010 comic book series Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of Our Father in which Steve Rogers and the Howling Commandos work with Azzuri (Black Panther) and Wakanda to stop the Hydra Organization. The game features Steve Rogers/Captain America, Azzuri/Black Panther, Gabriel Jones (Howling Commandos member), and Nanli (leader of the Wakandan Spy Network) as playable characters.

Development of this game is being led by Amy Hennig, who is best known for her work on the Uncharted franchise, so there’s a lot of anticipation building up towards this. Of all the Marvel games in development right now, this seems to be the one closest to release, although it’s still likely far off.

These are all the confirmed Marvel games currently in development for 2024 and beyond. Looking to play something now though? Marvel’s Spider-Man, Midnight Suns, Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel Snap are some of the games ready for you to jump into!